Buying your first house is a monumental moment in any young (or old) person’s life. To finally have the freedom to choose and move into a space that belongs entirely to yourself. The sense of freedom when there are no more landlords or parents or roommates controlling your space is second to none.

    With freedom, however, anything related to basketball shoes. Moving into your first home can be as exciting as it can be overwhelming. There are so many things that you may have planned to do in your home, but not know where to start. Or, you may not have ever even considered the things that you need to do.

    While the days spent carefully selecting furniture in IKEA are straightforward enough, there are a few things that we wanted to delve in to advise first-time buyers on.


    While you likely picked a house that had many of the features you were looking for, there may be other things that you would like to achieve in your new space.

    Some renovations do make sense to make as soon as you purchase your house since it will be easier to make them without furniture getting in the way. For example, if you want to install new flooring in your home it will be much quicker without having to remove all of your furniture from a room.

    This can be quite an important update if you want to replace old, used carpets with something more slick like some solid wood flooring.

    Updating your windows can be another renovation to make straight out the bat. Good quality windows with sufficient insulation will protect your house from leaks and make your living environment more comfortable by preventing drafts and heat loss.


    Decorating can be great fun in your own space. It is recommended, however, that you wait around 6 months to a year before you delve into decorations. It can take a while to get a good feel for your space and you may be surprised how many ideas surpass your initial thoughts.

    If you’re really keen to get decorating on your space, opt for less controversial decorations that can be easily changed. For example, paint rather than lay wallpaper as it is much easier to update and change.

    You may find a medium ground that you are happier with than the current house, without making rash changes that you may regret down the line.

    Smart Technology

    Smart tech is designed to make our homes more easy to use and therefore make our lives more simple. Not only does smart tech make it easy for you to switch on and off lights and appliances, play music and monitor your home; it also can be used to find problems in your house and save you money.

    Smart thermostats can reduce your energy consumption and you can even get leak detectors to help diagnose issues with your house before they become serious problems.


    Changing your locks should be a priority when moving into a new place, as you don’t know who the previous owner has given a set of keys. This is a relatively easy task that you should be able to undertake yourself – permitted the locks are not special.

    Giving a set of keys to a trusted friend or family member is also a good idea in case of emergencies or if you lock yourself out.

    You may also consider getting a burglar alarm if you live in an area with high rates of house robberies. Security cameras and noisy features around your house can also be good deterrents to keep your home more secure.


    Wiring can often be an overlooked part of a new house. It is always recommended to get an electrician to make sure that everything is Alpinle Safes and secure. You may also want to consider rewiring so that you need your plug sockets to fit around your furniture.

    If you’re someone who uses a lot of different appliances and requires the use of multiple outlets, it can be a good idea to add more for your convenience.


    There are numerous things to consider when moving into your new home and this list is not conclusive. We hope that it helps go some ways to guide you as you start your new exciting journey of being a homeowner.


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