If you have a friend or a loved one whose birthday is coming up, why not start planning early and look for new ways to make their day extra special? While it is a common practice to send birthday cards, birthday cakes, and gifts, it is time to offer them an experience that they will remember all their life and feel special.

    Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to make your loved one feel special. While there are countless ways to celebrate birthdays and send free ecards, there are some unique and creative ways to make your loved ones feel special on their birthday. Make use of some thoughtful and meaningful ideas to make the day truly unforgettable.

    Here are some exciting new ways to make their birthday extra special this year and let them know how special they are in our lives.

    1. Plan a sumptuous breakfast in bed
      Why not start the day with a bang and serve your loved one with their favorite breakfast in bed? All you need to know is their favorite breakfast meals, and it could be French gourmet coffee with croissants, a Spanish omelet with crisp toast, or simple pancakes dripping with maple syrup and loaded with fruits. Just add a personal touch to the breakfast tray with a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten note.
    2. Plan a surprise getaway to their favorite destination
      If possible, plan a surprise getaway: a beach vacation, a weekend retreat, or the dream place they’ve always wanted to go to. It is simply impossible to beat the element of surprise in this opportunity to create a memorable birthday experience. The smile and happiness on the face of your loved one will remain like a cherished memory in your heart forever.
    3. Plan a surprise party or celebration
      Why not plan a surprise celebration for your loved one on their birthday? It could be just the two of you or a small, intimate gathering with close friends. This is the best way to surprise the birthday person and make him or her feel special. However, you will need to coordinate with family members feedings and others to plan the surprise celebration that is sure to add joy and excitement to the day.
    4. Plan a birthday parade
      A birthday parade is another great idea to make your loved one feel special. All you need to do is fill up your car or vehicle with friends and add balloons and banners that say “Happy Birthday.” Just text the birthday person to come outside before you drive the birthday parade in the street. You could even add more cars with fun and happy messages for your birthday surprise.
    5. Plan a special day
      You can think of doing something special for your loved one on your birthday. It could be a special activity that he or she has been thinking about or a special place they have been wanting to visit. All you need to do is make the day special for them by planning out the activity and making them feel special, loved, and cared for. The birthday person is sure to look back at the day with some warm memories.
    6. Plan a special video message
      Surprise video messages from all the friends and family members on the birthday and throughout the day are sure to make the birthday person feel special, loved, and blessed. All you need to do is compile a video that brings together the voices of all those who are important in the life of your loved one and let them share birthday wishes and heartfelt messages.
    7. Plan At-Your-Service day
      One of the best ways to make the birthday person feel special is by making yourself available for them all through the day. Let them know that you are at their service for the full day, and they can ask you to do anything for them. It could be running errands on their behalf, taking care of their chores, or cooking their favorite meals. Simply being there on their birthday will make them feel special and loved.

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