Sports shoes, like the body, also undergo different types of wear and tear. And requires regular maintenance to be able to survive in the long run. When subjected to activities like jogging on concrete bases, hiking trails and running on the road, the soles of your shoes gradually wear out. Also, too much exposure to rain or muddy roads makes it easy for the grime or dirt to cake on the outer fabric of the shoes.

    However, following a simple cleanup routine, you can say goodbye to them all. Making the shoes look almost brand new.

    How To Clean Your Sports Shoes Without Ruining Them?

    Here is a list of six easy steps to clean up your sports shoes without ruining them:

    Step 1: Gather All The Cleaning Supplies

    Before you start with the cleansing schedule, here is a list of supplies that you need to have by side:

    • A soft bristle brush to clean up the upper portion of your shoes.
    • A firm bristle brush. This will help you clean the outsole and the midsoles of your shoe.
    • Keep some toothpicks handy, as these will help you eliminate stubborn dust granules and sticky grime under the shoe.
    • Take (3% hydrogen peroxide) 1 cup, 4 tablespoons of laundry detergent and 1 cup of washing soda.
    • Also, you will need a bowl to mix all the ingredients and water.
    • Do not forget the bucket.

    Step 2: Start By Brushing Off The Dirt From The Dry Shoe Surface

    Use the soft bristle brush to brush off the loose mud and grass from the upper surface of your sports shoes. Once you notice the upper portion is done, consider using the hard bristle brush to eliminate dirt from the midsole and outsole. Make sure to keep your shoe dry all this time. Use the toothpick to remove the debris and rocks stuck under the outsole.

    Step 3: Mix Up The Cleaning Ingredients

    Now take a bowl and pour ½ cup of warm water in it along with ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent and ½ cup of washing soda.

    Step 4: Start By Scrubbing The Outsole And The Midsole

    Dip the brush with a firm bristle in the bowl solution. Brush off the outsole and the midsole gently to wash off the dirt. You can use a damp towel to wipe off the surfaces. That will help you clearly envision the amount of cleaning still needed. Always start with the bottom of the shoe, as it has the most dirt.

    Step 5: Scrub The Upper Portion And The Laces

    Remove the laces from your shoe and keep them aside. Now, take the soft bristle brush, dip it in the scrub solution and run it through the upper part of the shoe in a circular motion. Rinse your brush every time before you dip it back into the scrub solution. Concentrate more on the toe box area, as it is the dirtiest. If your shoes look almost clean, rinse them off with regular water. Or else move on to the next step.

    Step 6: Soak Them In Bucket Of Water

    Fill in half of the bucket with warm water. Add ½ hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent and ½ cup soda. Place your shoes in the water, facing upside down. Make sure the outsoles are facing the ceiling. Place something heavy on them to keep the shoes completely submerged. Leave like this for 30 minutes.

    Special Sports Shoes Maintenance Tips For Different Materials

    Multiple sports shoes are available in the market, each with a different build material and style. So, the priorities do vary when it comes to cleansing and maintaining.

    Leather Shoe Maintaining Techniques

    Whether artificial or natural leather, these shoes require extra maintenance. Always use a dry brushing technique to clean your shoes. If they are too dirty, use a mild washing liquid solution. Also, avoid scrubbing the shoes at any cost, as that will damage the polished finish of the leather. Store the leather shoes with a shoe tree in them.

    The Right Way To Clean Suede Shoes

    Always use a suede brush to wipe off the surface dirt. Ensure you are working on the direction of the grain and not otherwise. Now, with a suede rubber or pencil rubber, start rubbing away the scuff marks, stains or dirt. Do not submerge the shoe in the water. Instead, dip a cloth in white vinegar and scrub the fabric in alternating directions on the area of the stain.

    Get Rid Of Dirt From Knit Mesh Shoes

    As discussed above, create a mild, soapy water solution for your knit mesh shoes. Follow the steps mentioned and get a dirt-free output in no time. Let your shoes air dry after washing. Avoid dryers, as too much heat can damage them.

    Besides regular cleaning, store your sports shoes in a dry place at room temperature. Avoid packing them in plastics or boxes, which can lead to bad odour. Clean up your shoe cabinet at least once a month.


    So that is all about helping you with a comprehensive cleaning regime of high performing sports shoes. Remember, your cleaning schedule depends on how often you use them and the present condition of the shoe.


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