Many people may not be interested in small and large electrical appliances to children’s toys with batteries. Each has a microcontroller chip as the heart of the controller. 

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    Power supply Programmed action when a button is pressed or switched on and a solar cell system that can work at full efficiency It is necessary to have a microcontroller. for controlling battery charging power supply

    to the load, etc. In which part of the solar system does the microcontroller work? Starting from the battery charge controller Battery with charge control circuit and inverters, which are important devices in these solar cell systems. Each has a microcontroller chip for controlling all operations.

    What is an Arduino?

    Arduino is an Italian word that reads Arteino until distorted to be Arduino in other languages. Arduino is an Open-Source Platform microcontroller for prototyping and programming circuits. which contains electronic components Of course, almost all electrical appliances. From mosquito swatters to computers, the term “Open-Source Platform Microcontroller” is a special advantage of the Arduino board because it is open for people to develop and apply. use it freely no copyright As a result, the Arduino board is well-known and widely used.

    And most importantly, the platform of microcontrollers like Arduino is easy to use. This is the purpose of creating a microcontroller. for people around the world And another important advantage of the Arduino board is that it is an electronic board as small as with credit card (Or may be smaller) The main component of the board is a microcontroller. and be assembled together with other electronic devices And was developed to be easier to use more and more. The Arduino board has many models to choose from. Each model of Arduino may be different. Starting from the size of the board or specification, which are other special features such as the number of Pins, the voltage used. Voltage at OUTPUT or performance of the microcontroller.

    Arduino software

    The Arduino software is built from the Arduino language, that is, C/C++ language. Therefore, we must use the C language to program the microcontroller control. By creating and writing the instruction set “Sketch Code” which must use the C language through the program Arduino IDE or Arduino Web Editor, which is a tool for programming instructions to control the microcontroller to work as we want Tools such as the Arduino IDE and the Arduino Web Editor can compile and verify the Sketch Code program. If there is an error in the Sketch Code, Or do not know how to write C language “As if the program does not understand what we write”, the system will prompt us to correct the wrong paragraph. or lines that the system doesn’t immediately understand And the last step in the operation of the Arduino software is to Upload Sketch Code to the Arduino board means to upload the program set of instructions (Sketch Code) to the microcontroller of the Arduino board in order to allow the board to send-receive data or signals. 3V or 5V power to the electronic module circuit and control it to work as we want.

    Arduino IDE program

    The Arduino IDE program is a software or computer program. That was created to support the use of the Arduino board for writing or creating a program, a set of commands or Sketch Code, called Verify “Verification or Sketch Code” or Compile “Processing Sketch Code” for the Upload Sketch process. Code that has already been verified or compiled in success status to the microcontroller of the Arduino board to cause the response of the electronic module according to the program Sketch Code defined “Light on, light off, how many milliseconds? how many milliseconds in how many seconds it repeats?”

    In addition, the Arduino IDE program can display the processing values of the microcontroller of the Arduino board. The Arduino IDE program has a Serial Monitor mode for displaying numerical values and a Serial Plotter for displaying line graphs.

    Connecting the Arduino board with the Arduino IDE program is similar to connecting a Printer or connecting a smartphone to a computer. By connecting the Arduino board is connected by USB cable to the port of the computer. Then select a port in the Arduino IDE program, especially a computer operating system with high performance such as Windows 10 and a stable USB program. “We don’t have to search for ports and connect hard” because the system automatically finds and selects them. After that just enjoy it!

    For anyone who wants to use an Arduino in 24 hours and can build an Arduino project in 2 days, I recommend this book that will allow us to understand and access everything about Arduino, including projects about devices and devices. electrical appliance Or projects related to DC and AC electrical systems for using the Arduino board to control the operation. We can also apply Arduino to Wi-Fi signals. The following useful books for Arduino fans can be obtained at leading bookstores across the country.

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