Do you use custom tap handles to improve the reputation and increase the profit of your brewery?

    If not, it is time to install such beer tap handles: they can better display your assortment to your customers, make serving drinks more spectacular, and help your establishment stand out against competitors.

    After reading our article, you will learn how to choose and where to purchase such products.

    Custom Beer Tap Handles for Craft Breweries

    How to Choose Custom Beer Tap Handles for Craft Brewery?

    Beer taps can be customized for faster and more convenient drink serving. In addition, beer tap handles help to promote your products: just apply a logo or slogan of the brewery on them.

    So what should be considered when choosing the bar taps?

    • Material

    Wood, porcelain, brass, ceramics, resin, and acrylic are often used for beer tap handle manufacturing.

    The most common options on the market are resin, ceramics, and wood. We would advise you to choose between wood and ceramic: they are aesthetically more attractive.

    Wooden models can be made of different wood varieties: alder or ash, each with its unique shade and pattern.

    Ceramic bar taps are another great solution for craft brewery. They look stylish and have proven themselves in operation.

    Here you can find products of the following colors: white, black, as well as various shades of marble.

    • Size

    As a rule, beer taps have the following sizes:

    • Standard height: 9-13 inches;
    • Height of short handles 4-6 inches;
    • Width/depth: no more than 3 inches.

    However, if you order custom tap handles, you can specify other parameters. Avoid making tap handles too heavy at the top, or too thin.

    If you install several models, make sure they are arranged so as not to interfere with the operation of each other.

    • Shape

    Wood models can have almost any shape you wish: cylindrical, rectangular, with a knob, etc.

    Ceramic models are slightly more limited in shape options, but the choice is still huge: paddle-shaped, oval, cylindrical, etc.

    • Style

    Everything depends on your wishes!

    Ceramic models are often chosen for bars in vintage style, and wooden ones for country-styled breweries.

    Focus on the design of your establishment to select the perfect option for your needs.

    • Branding

    This is a great marketing tool that helps promote your products more effectively. You can apply your logo on the wood tap handles by cutting, burning, or painting.

    On ceramic models, branding is fixed on a separate metal plate.

    You can order custom tap handles on the Xpress Tap Handles website The company works with high-quality materials and is ready to implement almost any ideas that will contribute to the development of your brand!


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