Lost Ark, an action-packed MMORPG, continues to make waves in the gaming community. One of its many draws is the extensive range of character classes available, each offering unique skills and playstyles. One such class that has caught the attention of many players is the Lance Master. Let’s delve deep into what we know about this class and how to best build a Glaivier.

    1. Introduction to Lance Master

    The Lance Master is a warrior class that uses a lance as their primary weapon. They have a dynamic playstyle, blending powerful attacks with agile moves. Their dual stances – Glaive and Crescent – make them versatile in combat situations.

    2. The Dual Stances: Glaive and Crescent

    a. Glaive Stance:
    This stance focuses on long-ranged and area-of-effect (AoE) attacks. gamingconsole101 The Lance Master can engage multiple enemies from a distance, making it ideal for crowd control.

    b. Crescent Stance:
    In this stance, the Lance Master turns to close-quarters combat, focusing on swift, heavy-hitting attacks. It’s perfect for single-target damage and taking down bosses.

    3. Building the Glaivier

    When building a Glaivier-focused Lance Master, here are some strategies to consider:

    a. Skill Prioritization:
    Invest skill points in those skills that enhance your range and AoE capabilities. This will amplify your damage output in Glaive stance.

    b. Equipment Choices:
    Choose equipment that boosts attack speed and critical rate. A faster attack rate means you can unleash more skills in quick succession.

    c. Stat Focus:
    For Glaivier builds, prioritize stats that enhance ranged attacks. Agility, critical rate, and critical damage should be your top picks.

    4. Playing the Lance Master

    a. Rotation Strategy:
    In combat, initiate with the Glaive stance to control and thin out mobs. Once you have whittled down enemy numbers or need to focus on a particular target, switch to Crescent stance.

    b. Positioning:
    Stay mobile and make use of the Lance Master’s agility. Move around the battlefield, maintaining a safe distance in Glaive stance and getting close in Crescent stance.

    c. Team Play:
    In team scenarios, the Lance Master can play the role of both DPS (damage per second) and controller. Use the Glaive stance to control crowds, and the Crescent stance to focus on high-priority targets.


    The Lance Master, with its dynamic stances, offers a multifaceted approach to combat in Lost Ark. Building a Glaivier-focused character can be both challenging and rewarding, catering to players who enjoy versatility and strategy. As always, the best way to master the class is through practice, experimentation, and adapting to various combat scenarios.


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