Academic conscience has increased in recent years and paved the way for many upgrades and developments in course modules of various courses. BBA and MBA courses cannot skip this module revision and have merged into a single-shot course, namely integrated BBA & MBA.

    MBA courses have already pulled in around 32% of students. Now, going a bit higher, integrated BBA & MBA has driven more student admissions. If you are one of those interested students, read this article to understand the course curriculum and career scope better.

    Know about the course – Integrated BBA & MBA:

    Integrated BBA & MBA course is one of the latest upgraded business education courses that has swirled a storm within the student community with its most effective module course structure and syllabus. Here is a glimpse into the courses at top colleges such as Universal AI University, one of the best BBA MBA colleges in Mumbai and others.

    Course Integrated BBA & MBA
    Course Description Integrated BBA & MBA course is designed with the curriculum of BBA and MBA blended accordingly to give a cohesive education on the management concepts that will help students stand firm with managerial skills in the business emporium.
    Level Undergraduate plus postgraduate level
    Duration 5 years
    Mode Semester
    Course Module Integrated BBA & MBA courses are designed with 2.5 years of BBA curriculum and 2.5 years of MBA curriculum.
    Eligibility Criteria The essential eligibility criteria for admission for integrated BBA MBA at the best BBA colleges in Mumbai and others are as follows:


    ● Candidates should have completed 10+2 or equivalent with a minimum of 60% aggregate from any recognised educational institution.


    The eligibility criteria mentioned above are subject to change based on your chosen college.

    Admission Procedure Admission procedures varied from college to college.


    Certain integrated BBA & MBA colleges in India provide admission on a merit basis, considering 10+2 or equivalent scores. In contrast, few other colleges require passing scores in any entrance exams like CMAT, GMAT, MAT, CAT, etc. Specific other colleges, such as Universal AI University, conduct their own entrance exam, such as UBSAT, for admission.

    Average Course Fee INR 1,00,000 to INR 17,00,000

    Top colleges to pursue Integrated BBA & MBA courses:

    India has around 5,000+MBA colleges, but only a few top colleges offer integrated BBA & MBA. Here are some of the top colleges that offer integrated BBA MBA courses in India:

    Top Integrated BBA MBA colleges (Government) Average Fee per annum
    Universal AI University INR 5,58,000
    IIM Indore INR 4,00,000
    IIM Rohtak INR 4,10,000
    Mumbai University INR 3,20,000
    Lucknow University INR 3,10,000

    The curriculum of integrated BBA & MBA courses:

    Integrated BBA & MBA course curriculum is curated by business field experts with a motive to provide a comprehensive understanding of the business field with an explicit knowledge of various facets such as management, administration, accounting, finance etc.

    Here is the syllabus of integrated BBA MBA courses at top colleges such as Universal AI University, one of the best BBA MBA colleges in Mumbai and others.

    Semester I Semester II
    Introduction to Psychology Business Law & Ethics
    Introduction to Business Personality Development and Effective Communication
    Fundamentals of New Age Technologies Data Visualisation
    Principles of Economics Smart Project
    Introduction to Sustainability and Development Internship
    Design Thinking and Innovation


    Semester III Semester IV
    Money & Investment / Marketing Communication for Managers Business in Action
    Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices Business Research Reporting
    Geopolitics Contemporary Operations Management
    Corporate Accounting AI Application in Business
    Data Visualisation using PowerBi / Tableau Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Skills
    CMAPS + LDP Internship


    Semester V Semester VI
    Strategic Management Global Business Environment
    Change Leadership AI for Sustainability
    Introduction to AR/VR/MR (Lab) Ethical Supply Chain Management
    Investment Management / Capital Markets and Derivatives Corporate Finance / Consumer Affairs and Customer Care
    Strategic Brand Management/ International and Global Marketing Entrepreneurial Business Plan
    CMAPS + LDP Research Project

    Until semester VI, the curriculum is designed with a general business education agenda. Moving on to the fourth year, core modules and experiential learning concepts are introduced for MBA-oriented education in integrated BBA & MBA courses. Explore the syllabus below.

    Year IV Core Modules Year IV Experiential Learning
    ● Accounting for Decision Makers

    ● People & Organization

    ● Marketing

    ● Operations Management

    ● Global Macro Economics

    ● Integrated Business Communication

    ● Business Statistics

    ● Corporate Finance

    ● Finance of International Business

    ● Business Analytics

    ● Strategic Management

    ● Business Research Methods

    ● Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship

    ● Ethics & CSR

    ● Decision Science Modelling

    ● Advanced Excel

    ● Data Science using SAS

    ● Introduction to R programming

    ● Python Programming

    ● Leadership Development Potential

    ● Mentoring

    ● Wisdom Towards Self-Excellence

    ● Management of Self

    ● Experiential Learning Toolkit

    ● SMART Project

    ● CMAPS

    ● Summer Internship (2 months)

    ● Design Thinking Workshop

    ● Research Paper Publication

    ● Consulting Aptitude Project

    ● Sports

    ● New Business Project & Professional Practice

    In the final year, specialised syllabus are designed for various MBA specialisations and here are the syllabus.

    Specialisation Subjects
    Marketing Management ● Consumer Behaviour

    ● Strategic Global Marketing

    ● INC

    ● Digital Marketing Strategy

    ● Applied Marketing Research

    ● Marketing Analytics

    ● Marketing of Financial Services

    ● Brand Management

    ● Marketing in Practice

    ● Luxury Marketing

    ● Green Marketing

    ● Rural Marketing

    ● Retail Management

    ● Sales & Distribution

    ● CRM

    ● Services Marketing

    ● International Marketing

    ● Business Process Management & Digital Transformation

    ● Visual Analytics (Tableau)

    Operations / International Supply Chain Management ● Logistics & Supply Chain Management

    ● Service for Operational Excellence

    ● Sales & Operations Planning

    ● Operations & Supply Chain Analytics

    ● Global Logistics

    ● Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

    ● Warehouse Management

    ● Business Process Management & Digital Transformation

    ● Logistics & Supply Chain in Retail

    ● Lean Inventory Management

    ● Lean & Agile Manufacturing

    ● Digital Supply Chain

    ● Total Quality Management

    ● Sustainable Operations & Supply Chain

    ● Green Operations

    Finance Management ● Management of Finance

    ● International Finance & Financial Management

    ● Insurance

    ● Valuation

    ● Management of Finance

    ● Banking & Microfinance

    ● International Finance & Financial Management

    ● Capital Markets & Derivatives

    ● Financial Analytics

    ● Fintech

    ● Financial Markets – Practical Approach

    ● Project & Infrastructure Finance

    ● Key Legal & Taxation Aspects in Finance

    ● Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions

    ● Securities Analysis & Portfolio Management

    ● Financial Risk Management & Analytics

    ● Green Finance

    ● Visual Analytics (Tableau)

    Human Resource Management ● Managing People in a Global Context

    ● Developing People for Leadership & Management

    ● Talent Acquisition & Management

    ● Strategic HRM

    ● Leadership 360 Degree

    ● Compensation & Benefits

    ● Employee Engagement & Counselling

    ● Organizational Development

    ● Business Processing & Data Analytics

    ● Visual Analytics (Tableau)e

    ● HR Analytics

    ● Competency Mapping & Performance Management>

    ● Emotional Intelligence

    ● Organization Theory Structure & Design

    ● Policies & Practices in HRM

    ● Learning & Development

    ● Green HR


    Overall, the curriculum of integrated BBA MBA in top colleges such as Universal AI University, one of the best BBA MBA colleges in Mumbai and others, is designed with a combination of subjects that help students earn expertise in the chosen specialisation. Integrated BBA & MBA is a wiser choice for students with a clear view of establishing their career in the business world.


    • What is BBA and MBA integrated course?

    BBA and MBA integrated course is a combination course that offers both BBA and MBA together in a single-fledged course.

    • Which is better, a regular MBA or an integrated BBA MBA?

    To establish a strong career in the business world, an integrated BBA MBA will be the best option.

    • What are the jobs after an integrated MBA?

    There is a wide range of jobs after an integrated MBA. Some of the prominent jobs are business head, management consultant, human resources manager, etc.

    • What is the average salary range after Integrated BBA MBA?

    The average salary range after Integrated BBA MBA is from INR 3,50,000 to INR 16,00,000. With experience, even the salary scale can reach INR 25,00,000.


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