Planning a family trip to Disneyland can be an exciting adventure that creates memorable experiences for both adults and their kids alike. While its main draw is of course Disneyland itself, paying careful attention to every step of your journey from choosing an appropriate airport to selecting seats will ensure an effortless yet exciting journey experience – especially if traveling with children! 

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into valuable tips for family-friendly travel to Disneyland, ensuring a smooth and memorable experience from touchdown at the airports close to Disneyland to the magical moments within the park itself.

    Choosing the Right Airport

    The very first decision in your Disneyland adventure is choosing the most suitable airport. The nearest option to the Disneyland Resort is the John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA). John Wayne Airport offers close proximity to Disneyland Resort, making it the ideal option for families, as its closeness reduces travel time while increasing fun time. While John Wayne Airport may provide convenience, other nearby airports also cater to Disneyland travelers.

    Kid-Friendly Transportation Options

    As soon as you arrive at one of the airports close to Disneyland, your next step should be arranging transportation to reach its resort. Traveling families traveling with young children will find kid-friendly transportation solutions such as airport shuttles, ridesharing services, or private transport with child safety seats suitable to make their journey safer and more comfortable than ever for younger passengers.

    Planning for Smooth Airport Transitions

    Navigating through an airport with kids in tow can be an adventure in itself. Careful preparation can ensure a seamless journey from arrival to departure, such as arriving early at the airport with ample time for check-in procedures, security clearance processes, and unexpected delays. Arriving with ample buffer time gives you enough breathing room should any unanticipated difficulties arise during travels or upon landing at destination airports. It’s always wise to overestimate the time needed to navigate the airport with kids.

    Keeping your children entertained during wait times is a key strategy for a stress-free airport experience. Carry a variety of activities, snacks, and comfort items that can keep their spirits high. Coloring books, puzzles, electronic devices loaded with their favorite shows or games, and their trusty stuffed animals are valuable companions during your time at the airport.

    Making the Flight Enjoyable

    The flight itself is a significant part of your Disneyland journey, and it can set the tone for your entire trip. Packing wisely can make the flight enjoyable for both parents and children. Be sure to pack a variety of activities, snacks, and comfort items to keep your kids engaged and comfortable throughout the journey.

    Electronic devices, loaded with their favorite movies or games, can be a lifesaver during the flight. Additionally, bring along their favorite books, travel-friendly board games, and coloring materials to keep them entertained. If your kids have special dietary needs or preferences, consider packing their favorite snacks to ensure they have something familiar and comforting to eat.

    Selecting child-friendly airlines can also enhance the flying experience for families. Some airlines offer special amenities for families, such as kid-friendly meals and in-flight entertainment tailored to children. When booking your flights, explore seating arrangements that suit your family’s needs, whether it’s securing adjacent seats or opting for a bulkhead seat with extra legroom.

    Airport to Disneyland Excitement

    As soon as you land at one of the airports near Disneyland Resort, the real fun begins! Making the journey should be both smooth and pleasurable – not something to stress over or be nervous about! Choosing an airport close to Disneyland ensures that you’ll arrive at the magic faster, allowing your family to start enjoying the enchantment of Disneyland sooner.


    Planning a family trip to Disneyland means more than simply booking tickets; it means making sure every aspect of the journey is kid-friendly and memorable for the entire journey. Choosing the right airport, selecting kid-friendly transportation options, and packing strategically can transform the travel process into an exciting part of your Disneyland adventure.

    So, when you’re ready to embark on your Disneyland journey with your family, keep these tips in mind. Select an airport close to Disneyland, plan for smooth transitions, and make the flight itself an enjoyable experience for your kids. That way, your family’s Disneyland adventure will begin the moment you land, setting the stage for magical memories that will last a lifetime.


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