As a food blogger, I have written on my Medium and WordPress pages for two years, but it was only recently that I found out that I can shop for free gift cards with my writing. As a frequent buyer of GyFTR’s vouchers, I often visit their website to check for the latest deals and discounts. This is when I came across GyFTR’s Write & Earn Program, which allows enthusiastic writers to showcase their writing skills, become GyFTR Brand Ambassadors, and shop for vouchers from their favorite brands.

    While browsing through GyFTR’s website, I came across this amazing opportunity. As per the guidelines, all I had to do was write about my shopping experience on GyFTR, and voilà! Being a frequent buyer of GyFTR vouchers, I decided to write about the most seamless purchases I’ve made through this platform.

    Firstly, I decided to discuss my Zomato Gift Card and Swiggy Money Voucher purchases. I got a Zomato Gift Card of the denomination of ₹500 at a discount of 7% and a Domino’s Gift Card worth ₹750 at a flat 8%, collectively saving ₹87 on my purchases. I was planning a sleepover with my friends during the winter holidays and used these vouchers when there was a sale going on both platforms. This way, I was able to save a lot of money and order different delicacies according to our personal preferences.

    As per the guidelines, I wrote about this experience on my WordPress page and posted the blog link on the Write & Earn page. I also shared the link with my family and friends and on my social media pages. After posting the link on the website, within 24 hours, E-Pay worth ₹1000 was processed and added to my GyFTR account! I used this E-Pay to avail the free gift card of my choice!

    My sister’s birthday was coming up and so, by using this E-Pay, I bought a ₹1000 Myntra Gift Voucher for her. Having the same amount of E-Pay in my account streamlined the transaction process and saved me from the hassle of using other payment methods. Since my sister loves to stay on top of trends and is always on the lookout for comfortable and affordable apparel, this was the best gift option for her. It enabled her to shop for the products that she wanted and get them delivered right to her doorstep. To this day, she talks about how much she loves the shirts she got from the platform using the free Myntra Gift Card.

    I will highly recommend using this initiative provided by GyFTR to become a Brand Ambassador by showcasing your writing flair and earning amazing rewards in the process. With GyFTR’s Write & Earn Program and its extensive catalog of brand gift cards, you can get free gift cards with the E-Pay your earn and shop at your favorite brands for free! With your flair of writing and GyFTR’s vouchers, savings and happiness are most definitely guaranteed.

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