Are you a nail art enthusiast who just can’t see their bare nails for too long? If yes, you probably love going to the salon to get your nail art done quite often. With more trips to the salon, you also shell out a lot of money. It’s no wonder that, at some point or another, you would have considered DIY nail art. But giving yourself a freshly painted set of nails that looks good and lasts longer is not an easy task. However, with a bit of a creative flare, learning the process of nail art, and owning the right tools, you can expect a fairly professional outcome at a lesser cost. Investing in a nail art kit is an excellent way to indulge in a creative, self-care session and experiment with different nail designs. Feeling inspired for a DIY nail art session using your kit? Let’s dive deep into helping you make your own nail art kit and explore some great designs.

    The Must Haves in Your Nail Art Kit

    Doing nails at home can be fun, exciting, and even therapeutic if you have the right equipment. For a salon-like finish, include these items in your nail art kit:

    • Nail Art Stickers

    Nail art stickers come with a string adhesive backing and come in a variety of designs. You can apply them once your nail polish dries and seal them into place with a fast-drying topcoat. 

    • Rhinestones

    If you love adding bling to your nail art, rhinestones are what you need in your nail art kit. You can create a unique design with acrylic, crystal, or glitter rhinestones that come in various shapes and colours.

    • Nail Stamping Kit

    These kits come with a stamper, a stamping template, and a scraper. Some kits also have stainless steel image plates, rolls of nail striping tape, and clear jelly. Many people prefer using nail stamp kits since, unlike stickers, they don’t wear off easily and last longer.

    • Topcoat and Basecoat

    Your nail art kit will be incomplete without a topcoat and base coat because they serve multiple purposes. A good quality topcoat prolongs manicure life, protects your nails, and adds shine to them. A base coat doesn’t let your nail paint become yellow or chipped easily. 

    • Nail Polishes

    Keep your nail art kit stocked with some good shades of nail polishes. It is a good idea to have black and white nail paints as well since they serve as an excellent base for many nail designs. 

    • Nail Polish Remover

    You need to have nail polish removers not only for when you need to try a new nail design but also to wipe off extra nail paint from your cuticles. Another alternative to have in your nail art is nail polish remover wipes.

    • Cotton Swabs or Q-tips

    Make sure you have lint-free cotton swabs so that you don’t ruin your manicure because of fine cotton fibres. If you dip the Q-tip in acetone-free remover, it helps remove extra paint from cuticles, making your nail art look neater.

    • Nail Art Brushes

    If you love experimenting with different nail art designs, having a set of nail art brushes is something not to miss. Each brush has a unique purpose for an effortless nail art with intricate designs. 

    • Nail Grooming Kit

    Needless to say, you begin your nail art once your nails look neat and in good shape. Thus, having a nail grooming kit that helps you with DIY manicures and pedicures is a must. It usually comes with nail clippers, scissors, scraping knives, dead skin pliers, scraping cutters, etc, for you to lay the base for perfect nail art.

    Getting Creative With Nail Art: Step by Step

    Now that you have your nail art kit ready, it’s time to give your nails a makeover. 

    1. Prepare your nails by cutting off extra extensions and filing them in the shape you desire.
    2. Apply an even layer of base coat and cure the nails under an LED lamp for nearly 30 seconds. 
    3. Now comes the fun part! Choose your favourite nail polish and apply it on all the nails, making sure it doesn’t touch your cuticles. Cure your polished nails under an LED lamp for 30 seconds.
    4. Use rhinestones, a nail stamping kit, or other nail paints to create some unique nail designs that you love. Dab off any extra nail paint on the cuticles using a Q-tip and nail polish remover. Cure your nails again under a UV lamp for about 30 seconds.
    5. Apply the top coat to prolong your nail art and let it cure. Once dry, add a few drops of cuticle oil for a hydrating finish.


    Performing an at-home manicure and nail art can be a fun and exciting activity. If you have the right tools in your nail art kit, you can unleash your creativity without stepping out of your house and spending a considerable amount of money. The better tools you have, the better results you get. So, assemble all the products mentioned in this guide and try as many nail art designs as you like. 



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