Knowing history is not always boring, especially when it is about famous rulers. Right? It all becomes so interesting to know how someone achieves all the power and becomes the emperor – the ultimate ruler. Today, we will know how did Elizabeth 1 succeeded to the throne. Be ready to know the journey of the Queen of England.


    Queen Elizabeth 1’s birthplace was the Palace of Placentia. She took birth on 7 September 1533 in the House of Tudor, which was ruled by Henry VIII at that time. Her mother was Anne Boleyn, King’s second wife. Her chances of becoming the Queen were not strong from the start.

    Alison Weir, a well-known historian, explained the childhood of Queen Elizabeth 1 as chaos. He proclaimed that at an early stage, she had to go through a load of her mother’s death. 

    Also, at the same time, her family was undergoing a struggle for power among themselves.

    All these events proved to be lessons for her mental health and made her mind strong. She got prepared for future events. She always had a skillful mind with an unwavering attitude. Her determination and cunningness were the reasons for her becoming Queen Elizabeth 1 of the House of Tudor.


    To become a Queen at times when women were seen as household creatures were the biggest challenge she faced. It was Queen Elizabeth 1’s perseverance and triumph over the convention that only males are meant to be the rulers or monarchs. She defied all the orthodoxies and proved to be the best monarch of England.

    Not only this, but also she faced her relatives who were plotting against her to hold her back. But her diplomatic skills, and her strong vision to understand the religious divisions made her not only survive the conspiracies but also, helped her become the ultimate monarch of England.

    Before becoming a Queen, she was a woman, she also had her desires and some dreams. She also had a beautiful secret relationship with a charming handsome man, Robert Dudley. But as she became Queen and held on to the responsibilities, she decided not to marry and never to become a mother. She ended all her loving desires and led her path toward being a successful monarch of England. That is the reason she got herself a tag named the “Virgin Queen”.


    She was a great diplomat with strong willpower. She continued her astute maneuvering and understood the game of Throne. That’s when she understood how important it is to have strong relationships with other great powers. So, she always maintained healthy relationships and balance within her authority and with the noble families.

    She also empowered the era with literature and arts by fostering her support for authors like Shakespeare, Spenser, and Marlowe. This made that era full of epic literature works. Along with, the artistic skill is empowering by encouraging the artists like musicians, painters, and more. It became a golden era for literature and art.

    To make the name of England in the world stand high, she had advancements in colonizations and explorations. Her reign showed significant growth in England’s advancement in the World.

    Final Note

    Queen Elizabeth 1’s sheer determination, skilled diplomacy, and shrewd perseverance helped her overcome all her problems and challenges. And, let her become England’s greatest monarch of all time.

    This is how Elizabeth 1 weaved her path to the throne. It wasn’t something she had as an heir but something she earned as a strong, skillful, persevered, and enigmatic woman.


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