A VPS provides you with exceptional control over your website, giving you full control over your hosting account. The combination of cPanel/WHM powerful tools empowers users to easily manage multiple websites, domain names, email accounts, databases, and more from a single centralized interface.

    With its easy-to-use dashboard and intuitive features, cPanel allows even non-technical users to navigate server management.

    upgrade your website’s performance and speed with French based VPS server which supplies cutting-edge virtual servers based in France. WHM is a set of management tools that allows system administrators to carefully monitor all aspects of server operations.

    When it comes to finding the best VPS with cPanel and WHM providers, we always recommend DedicatedCore and DomainRacer. Both hosting companies offer affordable VPS hosting services with all the basic features and tools.

    Adding a New Domain/Website to your VPS (cPanel/WHM)

    Get your website up and running with low cost Hosting with name, who offers a service that simplifies the process of domain registration and hosting in India. Adding a new domain to your VPS can be a little bit difficult, as it opens up the possibility of expanding your online presence.

    • Step-1: First, individuals need to register their website domain name with a reputable­ domain registrar. For instance, DomainRacer is widely regarded as one of the best options available.

    After successfully securing the desired domain name for their website, individuals can move forward with hosting it.

    • Step- 2: The process involves accessing your cPane­l/WHM dashboard to add a new domain or website to your VPS. Some VPS hosting providers, such as DomainRacer and Dedicate­dCore, offer both cPanel and WHM with their hosting plans.

    All of their VPS hosting packages come with a free WHM/cPanel license installed. This simplifies the process of setting up your websites and domains.

    • Step- 3: Once you find the Domains section, select Add Domain. You will be prompted to enter the desired domain name and choose a username for your FTP account.
    • Step 4: After entering these details, click Create to continue. The next step is to configure the DNS settings for the new domain by selecting either Local DNS or Remote DNS according to your preference.
    • Step 5: If you choose Local DNS Management, WHM handles all aspects of DNS resolution internally. Otherwise, Remote DNS allows you to fully manage your domain’s records from another server.
    • Step 6: Once selected, if you are using local DNS, enter the IP addresses associated with your VPS in the Primary and Secondary nameserver fields. Otherwise, if you choose remote management, provide relevant information about external name servers.
    • Step 7: Finally, click Add New Entry and save your changes, then click Finish Setup to continue with all items. You have now easily added a new domain/website to your VPS via cPanel/WHM.

    FAQs: Adding New Domain/Website to VPS

    1. Can I Add Multiple Domains to my VPS using cPanel/WHM?

    VPS hosting with cPanel/WHM allows you to effortlessly manage and add multiple domain names on a single server. Both cPanel and WHM provide user-friendly interfaces for seamless domain management.

    With just a few clicks, you can easily add multiple new domains by accessing the intuitive interface offered by cPanel or WHM.

    When you purchase a VPS hosting plan from DedicatedCore, you gain complete control over the settings and resources of each domain. This enables you to manage all features based on your specific requirements.

    You have access to various resources, such as storage, e­mail accounts, databases, file directories, and security settings.

    2. What are the Benefits of using Multiple Domains on a VPS Server?

    Using multiple domains on a VPS server has many advantages such as:

    Adding multiple domains to your website increases its re­liability by providing redundancy. If one domain goes down, the others can still ensure that your website remains accessible.

    Cost reduction and simplifie­d administration are some bene­fits of using shared servers, which also provide high-density infrastructure and top security fe­atures.

    3. Do I need to Purchase a New Domain Name Before Adding it to my VPS Server?

    Yes! You have the flexibility to add a new domain name­ to your VPS hosting without the need to purchase it beforehand. Simply utilize an e­xisting domain and modify the DNS records to connect it with your VPS IP addre­ss.

    If you don’t already have a domain name, you can purchase one from a re­putable domain registrar and then make the necessary DNS re­cord modifications.

    4. Do I Need to Manually Configure DNS Settings for my New Domain Name?

    If you use VPS hosting, some hosting providers offer automatic DNS configuration for your domain name.

    If you host your website yourself or use another DNS service provider, it may be important to manually configure DNS settings for your new domain name. In order for visitors to access your website, proper DNS settings must be in place.


    If you have a dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS) for your website, chances are you will come across cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager). These two control panels are widely recognized as the top choices for managing VPS servers.

    Depending on your web hosting provider, you may have access to either one or both of these powerful management tools with your VPS hosting plan.

    DomainRacer and De­dicatedCore are highly recommended VPS hosting providers. They offer a wide range of control panel options, including cPanel and WHM, to cater to different user preferences. Their VPS hosting plans are reliable and well-suited for various needs.

    Both VPS hosting providers offer a cPanel/WHM license, which provides complete access to the server’s hosting features and tools.


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