Joe Torry is an American actor and comedian known for his roles in films such as Poetic Justice, House Party, and How to Be a Player. He has also appeared on television shows such as Martin, The Jamie Foxx Show, and For Your Love. Torry has also established himself as a stand-up comedian, touring extensively throughout the United States.

    Early Life of Joe Torry

    Joe Torry was born in St. Louis, Missouri on December 4, 1967. He was the youngest of six children. Torry grew up in a single-parent home with his mother, a school teacher. Torry attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he studied communications. He began performing stand-up comedy in St. Louis, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

    Career Highlights of Joe Torry

    Torry made his film debut in 1992 in the movie House Party 2. He also appeared in the film Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur. He had a recurring role on the television series Martin, and also appeared on The Jamie Foxx Show. Torry has also had guest roles on shows such as For Your Love, The Parkers, and The Proud Family.

    In addition to his acting career, Torry has established himself as a stand-up comedian. He has toured extensively throughout the United States, performing at clubs, colleges, and military bases. He has also released several comedy albums, including “Life in the Grind” and “The Grind, Vol. 2: The Making of a Stand-Up Comedian”.

    Recent Projects of Joe Torry

    Torry recently appeared in the film How to Be a Player, and also had a role in the 2020 film The Last Outlaw. He also had a recurring role on the television series All American. Torry is currently working on a new stand-up comedy special entitled “Joe Torry: Live from St. Louis”.

    Joe Torry is an accomplished actor and comedian who has appeared in numerous films and television shows. He is also a successful stand-up comedian, touring throughout the United States. Torry is currently working on a new stand-up comedy special and has recently appeared in films such as How to Be a Player and The Last Outlaw.


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