Kenneth McGriff is an infamous American drug kingpin and a major figure in organized crime in the 1980s and 1990s. He is most well-known for his involvement in the drug trade in New York City, which earned him the nickname “Supreme”. Here is a look at the life and legacy of Kenneth McGriff.

    Kenneth Mcgriff’s Early Life

    Kenneth McGriff was born in 1959 in South Jamaica, Queens. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and was surrounded by crime and poverty. He was exposed to the criminal world at a young age and soon became involved in the drug trade. He quickly gained a reputation as a ruthless and violent criminal and eventually became one of the most powerful drug kingpins in New York City.

    Mcgriff’s Criminal Career

    McGriff’s criminal career began in the 1980s when he started dealing drugs in the South Jamaica neighborhood. He quickly rose to prominence and gained a reputation as a powerful and ruthless drug dealer. He was known for his brutal tactics and was linked to several murders. He was eventually arrested and convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering and was sentenced to prison.

    Mcgriff’s Legacy

    Although he was a notorious criminal, McGriff is also remembered for his philanthropic efforts. He was known to donate money to local charities and community organizations. He also had a close relationship with hip hop mogul Irv Gotti and was involved in the production of several rap albums.

    Kenneth McGriff is remembered as one of the most notorious drug kingpins in American history. He was a major figure in organized crime in the 1980s and 1990s and was known for his ruthlessness and brutality. Despite his criminal past, he was also known for his philanthropic efforts and his involvement with the hip hop industry.


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