Moving to a foreign country for higher education is a dream for all students. But getting a seat in one of the top universities is tough. Preparing well and cracking all standardised tests to confirm a seat is necessary. IELTS is one of the popular standardised tests for aspiring international students. As the test results are accepted by 11,500 organisations in 140 countries, maximum students sit for the test. 

    Websites like offer IELTS coaching online to help students learn the best ways to overcome the odds. Since the number of students sitting for the test is high, there’s a need to take all the necessary steps to prepare well. There are various sections in the test, and you need to be well-versed with each. 

    Hiring a study abroad consultant from a website like can ease the entire process. This blog will take you through some of the effective strategies to master the IELTS speaking test. 

    Let’s get started!

    IELTS evaluates a student’s understanding of English. As you aspire to study in a foreign land, you need to have a proper knowledge of English to survive in the country. Speaking test is one of the most important sections of IELTS, and one of the effective ways to ace it is by speaking a bit of English every day. is a leading assignment help provider that help students to make the English assignments.

    You cannot expect your English speaking skills to improve in one day. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you practice speaking every day. Conversing in English will help you be fluent in the language and overcome the hurdles. English is considered a universal language, and you have to learn it well to live in a foreign country without any worries. 

    • Ask Questions to Clarify Your Doubts

    Candidates often make the mistake of answering questions without understanding any particular term or word. Please understand that the speaking test is like a normal conversation between two people. So, when you don’t understand the meaning of a word or term, do not shy away from asking the same. 

    The consultants offering help with preparations have the right understanding of the same and can be of great help to students. You must sit for mock tests and understand how things happen. While you are allowed to ask the meaning of a word or term, do not make the mistake of asking the meaning of an entire sentence. 

    • 24-Hour English Warm-Up

    You need to be on your toes to ace the IELTS test. Students generally need 10-15 minutes to warm up to be at their best on the test day. If you want to be at your best on test day, take the step of warming up for the test. Work on your speaking skills throughout the day before you sit for the test. Your family members might think it to be weird, but if you want to ace the test, you have to work on your speaking skills. 

    Talk the entire day before the exam in English. It will help you gain confidence and be properly prepared to handle all questions coming your way on the test day. Your scores will be good, and you will not be tensed when you sit for the exam. 

    • Give Full Answers

    You must not give a one-word answer to questions asked during the speaking test. Many students fail to crack the test even after being well-prepared because they choose to answer questions with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.‘ Short answers do not highlight your expertise in the subject, and examiners will not put the right marks when you do so. 

    Students willing to study abroad are advised to choose online coaching centres to get a hang of the ways to ace the test. The consultants will help you learn the best ways to answer the questions and prepare well for the test. It is highly recommended that students use proper explanations and examples while answering the question. It will help you understand the correct ways to handle the questions and ace the test. 

    • Correct Your Mistakes

    There will be mistakes when you speak on a certain topic or answer various questions. Do not continue speaking without correcting the mistakes. Correcting mistakes will help examiners understand your hold over the language and how good you are with grammar and vocabulary. You need to prove yourself to get a seat in one of the prestigious universities. 

    So, when you make a mistake while speaking, say sorry and repeat the sentence after rectifying the mistake. You need to acknowledge the fact that you will have to interact in English once you step into a foreign land. The best way to do so is by proving yourself in the IELTS. A good IELTS score will open a lot of opportunities for international education.

    Here’s a look into the three parts of the IELTS speaking test:

    • Part 1 – The first part is about you. You will be asked questions about your life and other familiar questions. The part lasts for around 4-5 minutes. 
    • Part 2 – In this part, you will get a cue card and have 1 minute to prepare for the answer. You will be asked to speak for 1-2 minutes on the topic. 
    • Part 3 – The part is about developing answers and discussing issues put forward by the examiner. It follows the same topic you will encounter in the previous part. 


    IELTS is an important exam for students aspiring to study abroad. You need to have proper knowledge about all the sections and prepare well to get one step ahead in the process. It is important to find the right training centre to get the necessary assistance and be ahead in the race. English speaking is one of the crucial factors, and to ace the section in IELTS, you must follow the strategies mentioned above. 

    Author Bio: Nathan Austin is associated with as an expert. He is well-versed with all aspects of international education. 


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