Usually, there is a misconception that microwaves and oven toaster grillers are synonymous. However, that’s not the case. Both differ in features and purpose. But this misconception makes choosing between a microwave and an oven toaster griller (popular as OTG) challenging. OTGs are appropriate for those who love cooking and experimenting with different styles, including baking, grilling, and more. Also, Microwaves are apt for defrosting and reheating a wide range of dishes. Hence, consider a few factors beforehand to make a well-informed choice between microwaves and OTGs. These factors will help you decide what suits your culinary skills and needs best.

    What is an Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)?

    An OTG is a countertop kitchen appliance designed for various cooking functions, including baking, grilling, rotisserie, and toasting. It functions with the help of heated metal coils implemented at the top and bottom of the appliance. These coils convert electricity into heat, cooking your food from both sides, ensuring the even spread of heat and the desired food texture.

    An oven toaster griller has several temperature controls, knobs, and timers allowing you to customise the settings while cooking different recipes. This feature makes an OTG perfect for baking bread and cakes, curating grilled tandoori recipes, and toasting delectable sandwiches. Cooking enthusiasts favour using OTGs as they impart focused heating, allowing you to bring the desired crispiness and texture to your recipes.

    What is a Microwave?

    A microwave, too, is a kitchen appliance popularly used for instant cooking and reheating abilities. Unlike conventional ovens, microwaves do not use radiant heat but electromagnetic waves to cook and heat the food quickly. These electromagnetic waves enter the food’s water molecules, exciting them and causing heat within the food. It further leads to prompt food heating, making microwaves ideal for reheating leftovers, defrosting food, and cooking several dishes, including steamed vegetables, beverages, and popcorn.

    Microwaves come with different power levels, offering convenient cooking experiences. Thus, these kitchen appliances suit busy households requiring instant reheating and prompt cooking daily.

    Choosing Between an Oven Toaster Griller and Microwave: 5 Important Tips

    Your culinary expedition will be greatly impacted by the choice you make between an oven toaster griller and a microwave. Hence, employ the following tips while deciding:

    ● Consider Your Cooking Preferences

    Everyone has their cooking preferences. For instance, some cooking enthusiasts love experimenting with different food recipes and textures, even though it demands time. At the same time, some prioritise convenience and speed. So, maintain clarity on your cooking preferences while choosing between an oven toaster griller and a microwave. If you love the art of grilling, baking, and toasting, OTG would be an ideal choice and a one-stop solution. However, if you have limited time for food preparation, a microwave would be a convenient option. Also, consider your culinary passion and love for hands-on cooking preferences while making your final choice.

    ● Know the Space Available for the Appliance

    Before you decide between an OTG or a microwave, consider the space available in your kitchen for the appliance. OTGs are usually compact and fit perfectly well in small kitchens or countertops. They are available in various sizes, ranging from 10 litres to 60 litres. Similarly, microwaves are available in various sizes and capacities; choose the one that fits well with your kitchen’s dimensions. It is, thus, important to ensure that your choice of appliance blends well with your kitchen’s design and layout. It helps optimise the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen and makes your cooking journey a delectable one.

    ● Consider Cooking Time

    An important factor that plays a major role in deciding between an OTG and a microwave is the cooking time that you can invest daily. Although OTGs take longer cooking durations, they are designed for recipes that demand slow, even cooking, like baking and grilling. Using the radiant heat method, these appliances take time to cook your food but ensure the desired colour, texture, and crispiness. In contrast, microwaves are popular for their speed in heating and defrosting. Hence, they are ideal for recipes that require preparation on the go. Thus, consider your routine and decide what cooking time you can invest daily; accordingly, choose. If you love freshly and meticulously cooked food, OTG would be the best choice.

    ● Check Budgetary Alignment

    Your budgetary considerations are equally important while deciding between an OTG and a microwave. Almost all OTGs are available at wallet-friendly prices compared to microwaves with advanced features, including convection cooking. Hence, it is crucial to assess your financial constraints while making a purchase decision. Determining how much you can invest in the kitchen appliance, considering your cooking preferences and styles. Although both options have their merits, select the one that aligns more with your budget and assures you value for your money. Besides the upfront cost, consider long-term savings concerning energy consumption and decide what best defines your financial parameters.

    ● Map the Ease-of-Use

    When selecting one, you must examine the ease of use between an oven toaster griller and a microwave. While microwaves are considered good for novices, they are equipped with preset cooking features and power stages. OTGs, on the other hand, offer you various heating and cooking options, adjustable temperature controls, a mechanical timer, an illuminated chamber, and an automatic power indicator. OTGs provide you with all the features required for cooking under one roof. Thus, consider your comfort level with the two devices and choose an appliance that aligns with your cooking and ease-of-handling preferences.


    Thus, your choice between the best oven toaster griller and a microwave ultimately trickles down to your cooking preferences,  routine, and lifestyle. If you love experimenting with your recipes and have time to relish the art of baking, grilling, and toasting, an OTG will be your best pal. On the other hand, if you prefer instant meals and convenience, microwaves will serve you well. Thus, consider the tips mentioned and carefully make your choice. So, why wait for tomorrow when you can make your buying decision today?


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