Are you considering to develop a new WordPress site? Then this article is meant for you! Why? Your WordPress-associated site does not only require blogs, infographics, or videography, it requires much more than that.

    Let me explain to you more precisely. You have recently purchased your favorite laptop with your pocket money. You must install apps like Chrome, Adobe Flash Player, Canva, and whatnot to enhance its features.

    Similarly, a website requires either support from the web developer or a plugin to enhance the site’s functionality and capabilities. You don’t have to learn about deep code systems. Install the plugin software, which will boost your wordpress site with its prebuilt functional system that not only enhances the development and design of your website but also prevents you from writing infinite codes.

    Every day, billions of users install plugins for their websites, which means their use is unremarkable. However, keep in mind there are also some disadvantages associated with these plugins. Read this blog thoroughly to understand the plugin’s pros and cons, and then you can decide the best option for your site.

    Pros Of Plugins:

    The plugins provide you with the following advantages:

    1.    Free And Easy To Use:

    Plugins are usually inexpensive and easy to use. You have to install plugin software from a wordpress library, and then it’s ready for anything you want for a website.

    So you don’t have to hire any web developer or purchase costly software for your site. Plugin designers have some video tutorials for guidance on how to operate them.

    2.    Time-Saving:

    Plugins are a time-saving tool for almost every web developer. This way, their development time is minimized, saving the cost too. An example of a plugin browser is a Macromedia Flash player, which allows users to access animations On a website.

    3.    Greater Functionality:

    What features a plugin cannot perform? Its use is beyond and includes multiple secondary functionality. Whether you want to insert blogs, add Google Analytics, or you want to add emails and calendars.

    Not only this, you can customize your site as per your preference. The plugin lets you choose your website’s size, shape, color, and font.

    4.    Provides you with a well-updated site:

    The WordPress site undergoes changes for security improvement and bug fixing. The good plugins are responsible for updating the admin about these changes for a reliable and smooth maintenance experience.

    5.    Plugins Help In The SEO:

    When making a website, you should make it SEO-optimized to make it rank and grab traffic. Some of the excellent plugins can make your site search-engine friendly.

    For example, Headspace and Yoast SEO are SEO plugins that are quite beneficial.

    6.    Stress-Free Payment Plugins:

    Not only do wordpress plugins provide you unique features for your site, but they are plugins that help your customers make payments quickly. Here, im mentioning the easiest and the most reliable gateway that will not only provide a secure platform to your customers but will also make them stick to the website.

    Opencart crypto gateway has multiple benefits for its users, providing a smooth transaction zone, 1 % flat fees with no additional and hidden charges, no scams and frauds, and conversions to other payments.

    You have to download the CoinGate payment plugin on your website by following a sequence of steps, and then you’re ready to experience a smoother and quickest payment plan within no time and with no hassles.

    Cons Of Using Plugins:

    Unfortunately, some of the plugins have a negative impact, too. It would help if you researched thoroughly initially before choosing plugins:

    1.    They May Contradict:

    For instance, if you have installed multiple plugins, then the codes of each one may contradict. In this case, your site will undergo a lot of troubleshooting and loading. You will be overwhelmed by this unknown conflict issue.

    2.    Your Site Gets Prone To Security Issues:

    You have to open your eyes and research before downloading a plugin. Some of them bring a lot of risks and viruses with them. Also, they might have spyware, which can cause identity issues with your work.

    3.    Challenging To Get Rid Of Them:

    Some plugins are stuck to the core; you can never get rid of them, even if you try. Deleting them from your site without losing access to your data is impossible and challenging. Here comes the web developer for a rescue.

    4.    Your Site Will Slow Down:

    Plugins sometimes need the support of other software like JavaScript to run the page correctly. So, to fulfill all these requirements, your page keeps loading, affecting the page speed and efficiency.

    5.    Limited Functionality:

    Plugins are designed in such a way as to provide your site with the features for a limited time and a specific need. After this time zone, their capabilities decrease, so they are inconsistent in providing premium features.


    No doubt, For a website developer, plugins are the compulsory tool set for better functionality. There are some pitfalls, too, which you can avoid by researching the plugins a lot. Pay heed attention to the customer feedback. Always select the ones having 5-star reviews.

    Check whether your plugin is ever blacklisted or not to prevent yourself from any security threats. You can even purchase a premium version of the plugins to have better control and functionality than the free version. Also, after installation, test it and check whether there are any issues and if they meet your expectations.


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