PVC synthetic leather and features to know when buying or ordering PVC synthetic leather sofas. In the following article, it will be shown to you at a glance.

    PVC leather, also known as PVC synthetic leather, is commonly used in the furniture industry, in which the production of modern living room sofas in particular, fashion, bags, and shoes. PVC leather is shaped by many people in the low-quality, low-cost product segment that is suitable for many short-term projects, or product lines that do not focus too much on quality. In this article, we will help you answer questions about PVC synthetic leather:

    Understand the concept of PVC leather correctly

    1. Definition of PVC leather

    PVC leather is the term or common name for the line of synthetic leather (imitation leather). In addition, it has other English names such as: Faux Leather or Pleather, PVC leather material was born to solve the scarcity of materials in the industry of producing cheap furniture, fashion, ….

    PVC leather structure consists of 2 basic layers (Polyester layer and PVC layer for coloring)

    2. Structure and characteristics of PVC

    – PVC leather is made up of a layer of polyester lining fabric on the bottom and a layer of colored PVC on top. The polyester fabric layer is responsible for keeping the PVC layer above from being stretched too much, increasing the firmness of the leather surface.

    The basic structure is PVC  main material

    PVC leather uses the main material is PVC to create color, so when the finished product comes out, the surface is very hard, rough, low elastic, less elastic. Especially, PVC has a characteristic color because it is mainly made from renewable.

    3. PVC production process

    – Currently, the main PVC leather lines are manufactured and imported from China,YanChuang Leather is a PVC leather manufacturer. Due to shaping the low-priced, low-quality customer segment, the PVC series has a very good sales volume because this segment is used by many people. To produce a PVC leather material needs to go through the following stages.

    Stage 1: Prepare materials

    – The material for making PVC is from polyester or cotton yarn woven into lining fabrics to make the background underneath. Today, it is common to import lining fabrics that are woven from polyester or cotton fibers, rather than from manufacturing.

    To produce a product, it needs to go through many different stages

    You certainly can’t ignore the high-class imported fabric sofas, long life, quality colors and durable over time.

    Stage 2: Create a PVC layer

    – The PVC layer is used to coat the surface and bind the lining fabric. People make PVC from petroleum and salt. The PVC layer is the main surface layer or the leather layer after the finished product will have the same color and shape as the pattern.

    Stage 3: Coating PVC plastic layer

    – Then people put these fabrics together, coated with 1-2 more layers of PVC. Therefore, PVC is also known as Polyvinyl choride (PVC) or PVC imitation leather. The PVC layer will create adhesion for the fabric to the plastic. The next step is shaping, creating ridges on the leather surface and treating the surface to be smoother, less rough by excess fabric. The last step is dyeing to create multi-colored PVC sheets to meet the diverse needs of customers.

    After the ingredients will be cut and clearly divided into each color, material, type

    Stage 4: Cut the PVC fabrics into sizes and sort by groups

    – After completing the production of PVC fabrics, people will cut them into sizes and arrange in appropriate groups. Or cut production and grouping according to each order of synthetic leather distribution and trading companies from many countries.

    1. Pros and cons of PVC leather

    Advantages of PVC leather

    – Waterproof, waterproof of all kinds of liquids

    – Diversity of colors and types of materials for customers to choose from

    – High product aesthetics, suitable for many industries

    – The product price is cheap, so most Anyone can use the product

    PVC synthetic leather sofa not made of PU and PVC leather

    Disadvantages of PVC leather

    – As a faux leather material, the quality of PVC is not as good as PU or PVC leather. In terms of softness, it is not equal to the high-end leather lines on the market. PVC leather has a characteristic plastic smell, so when it is first used, it can be uncomfortable for users. Especially those who are sensitive and allergic to chemical odors.

    – Because it is made from man-made materials such as polyester fiber, PVC, the production of PVC causes environmental pollution. At the same time, products made from PVC leather fabric are difficult to decompose. Therefore, the waste from this product line also causes pollution. Currently, people are finding ways to overcome this pollution by improving the production process and replacing PVC with plant-based materials.

    How many years is the lifespan of PVC leather sofas?

    – Talking about synthetic leather sofas, divided into many different floors and segments: Currently, synthetic leather stratification includes cheap PVC, high and mid-range Pu Leather and PVC, so when you use it, PVC synthetic leather sofa models have a very low lifespan.

    – According to calculations, the life expectancy of PVC synthetic leather sofas has a lifespan of 2-3 years of use, which is peeling, exploding, damaged or discolored. Therefore, PVC leather material is shaped into the low-cost segment specializing in short-term projects, cafes, karaoke. Using for home sofa is not suitable due to low quality, harmful to consumers.”


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