Everything that comes close to an addiction is always bad, including phone usage. How many hours you would spend on your phone every day? Five hours? Eight hours? Or even more than twelve hours? As a mobile phone may contain a lot of information we can grasp, is it a good thing if we use it excessively?

    The answer is, of course, not. Yes, the phone is such an interesting device, our hands are glued to it. Some people may even be worried, panicked, or anxious when their phones are not nearby. These are the starting signs of phone addiction. The effects on adults are bad enough, moreover on the kids.

    When parents notice signs of phone addiction in their kids, they have no choice but to take immediate action. How can we deal with it? Is there a good strategy for healthier phone usage? We’ll tell you more in the sections below.

    Understanding Phone Addiction

    Let us first try to differentiate phone usage and phone addiction. Normal phone usage is a condition when someone uses their device for different purposes. Phone usage may or may not lead to phone addiction depending on the person.

    When someone overuses their phone compulsively, which results in usage beyond normal recommended hours, it’s what we call an addiction. This type of addiction is concerning because the person wouldn’t realize that he/she is falling into it. They would think it’s normal and okay to do, although the reality tells them the contrary.

    If someone becomes a phone addict, they will never be able to comprehend what’s around them. Work and duties are neglected, and they spend most of their hours being in a virtual world.

    The Symptoms

    Symptoms of phone addiction are usually noticeable. As they wouldn’t be able to rest normally, their eyes would begin to swell and problems related to neck muscles will start to appear. When they are divided by their phones, they feel extremely anxious and depressed because the phone means everything to them.

    Changes in behavior will start appearing as well. They would make way less interactions with everyone and tend to lock themselves in their safe places. The signs of phone addiction are basically the same as other types of addictions. And it’s definitely concerning.

    Steps Towards Healthy Usage

    The terrible effects of phone addictions are the ones related to relationships and personal business like school or work. Their performance will turn worse as they would like to use their phones a lot rather than finish the job.

    School grades will be falling as they lose their focus due to deteriorating health and mental conditions. And ultimately, relationships wouldn’t feel as important anymore.

    Therefore, if parents notice even slight symptoms of phone addiction, they need to take immediate action by limiting phone usage. They effective way to do this is by using a parental control app and remote call recorder, like Eyezy, for example.

    By using the app, parents can set the time limit for certain applications, including social media or games. They can even block access to specific websites or apps if they could potentially harm the kids.

    However, if the symptoms become too much to handle, seeking professional help is always recommended.


    When kids become addicted to their phones, parents, as the ones closest to them, can always take action by monitoring their screen time and limiting phone usage. Although it would become stressful for the kids, at least it’s what parents can do to prevent the addiction.


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