Immigration to Serbia is on an upward trend, and Belgrade is becoming an international multicultural hub little by little, like many other major capitals. There are multiple reasons for that choice: for example, Serbia provides European-quality services in many respects, while the prices are much lower on average. Other European countries are hard to get to as an immigrant, while Serbia is more loyal in this aspect. Finally, the country is developing at a tremendous speed and is on the verge of becoming an EU member, which adds to its attraction: it means that the passport you finally obtain as a Serbian citizen may be the EU passport.

    However, immigration is an important decision, so you will need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons. With that in mind, we invite you to our portal where you will find a longer article on the benefits of moving to Serbia and lots of other information on this truly beautiful Balkan country. Serbia is a popular request from our customers at the moment, so our specialists write a lot of posts to share some essential details with you.

    There may be a lot of reasons why you may need help: you are uneasy about moving to a new country, you don’t know its laws and regulations, or you are not good at Serbian. This is not a problem as we are here to help you! You can click on the above link to contact experienced experts on our portal who will help you make a decision, execute documents, and make any other relocation steps you need. We also have a local office in Belgrade, so you will not be there alone – we will provide assistance on-site as well!

    Infrastructure and Landscape

    Serbian is a mountainous country that serves as a bridge between East and West, and you will find it easy to get to any major European city from here. Nature lovers will appreciate its stunning views, canyons, mountain landscapes, rivers, and lakes.

    The tourism sector is developing at a good speed, but there are not as many tourists yet as in other corners of the planet, which may be good news for those who enjoy mountain seclusion.

    You will also enjoy Serbia’s healthcare: the private medical services are the best in the region, and the price is quite affordable for expats.

    Serbian Economy

    The Serbian government is doing a lot to turn the country into a thriving economic hub. It launched a lot of projects related to the implementation of technologically advanced solutions, excellent urban reconstruction, and the revitalization of some recreational areas to add more aesthetic appeal.

    Belgrade’s business district receives a lot of attention as the IT sector is booming and a lot of apartments and office buildings need to be reconstructed to cater to its growing needs. In fact, IT is one of the largest industries in Serbia – so if you are an IT worker, simply join in: there are a lot of goings-on here!

    Serbia has concluded a lot of trade agreements with other countries beyond Europe (even Japan!) to attract foreign capital and simplify trade for locals and non-residents who wish to set up their business here. And it was a success as the country managed to attract a lot of European and Asian investors to different sectors.

    Benign Taxation

    Serbia prepares favorable tax updates for individuals and legal entities on an annual basis. There are a lot of tax incentives for highly qualified employees and IT companies, which is one more reason to relocate as an individual or re-domicile your tech business to Serbia.

    Let’s look at the present-day tax perks:

    • The highest tax rate companies are subject to is 15%, but deductions are usually applied.
    • If dividends are distributed, these are taxed at 15% as well.
    • If the person’s earnings do not exceed 18,000 euros, no tax on income is payable.
    • If your income ranges between 18,000 and 53,000 euros, the tax rate is 10%.
    • The income above that figure comes at 15%.
    • If you are used to paying a wealth tax in your country, you may be relieved to find out that it equals zero in Serbia.
    • Inheritance and gift taxes are very low and range between 1.5% and 2.5%.

    If there is something else regarding Serbian taxes you need to know, do not hesitate to reach our experts by following the above link.

    Education in Serbia

    Take advantage of high-class local and international (British, American, or French) schools at much lower fees than you will find in Western Europe.

    As for higher education, there are also a lot of opportunities for Serbian and international students. The University of Belgrade, for example, is a highly-respected and reputable educational institution founded in 1808 that is on the list of 300 best universities across the world.

    Residence by Investment

    Serbia offers an opportunity to simplify obtaining a residence permit by investing in real estate or starting your business. Mind that this only refers to residence: as for citizenship, you will have to follow a standard procedure. Serbia does not issue passports in return for investments!

    Start a Company

    You will need to take just two steps:

    • Rent an accommodation and sign a rental agreement
    • Apply for company registration (mind that the documents need to be submitted in Serbian!)

    Both of these can be taken remotely, which may be good news for some of you.

    Invest in Real Estate

    While most countries set a certain limit (you cannot invest lower than the amount set to get your residence permit), Serbia does not establish any threshold: you can buy real estate for 10,000 euros if you find one! The procedure will last for one (maximum two) months, and the contract is signed in the presence of a Serbian notary.

    You will need to incur some additional expenses:

    • Ownership transfer tax (2.5%) – it may be paid by the seller, but that depends on the conditions of the agreement you conclude.
    • The commission payable to the real estate agent amounts to 3%.


    Serbia is a great destination to live in, and it is getting better and better with every year (which is a really important factor!). If you are looking for a destination where prices are not very high and living conditions are good, you will hardly find a better place. Get in touch with our experts to find out more or make your first step towards a brighter future!


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