This article highlights twelve notable features and updates in the latest Madden solitaire masters iphone. It covers new draft class generators, enhanced commissioner tools, an expanded skill tree for assistant coaches, thousands of new gameplay animations, improved onside kicks, a playbook overhaul, adaptive AI for run defense, post-play emotion, enhanced quarterback AI, new pathfinding tech for rushing QBs and running backs, and new equipment options. These updates and features aim to enhance the realism, customization, and overall gameplay experience for Madden NFL players.

    Number 1: New draft class generators. They added some of this last year, but they have doubled down on it this year and added a ton of new draft class generators. Now you’ve got 99 Club prospects who will come into the league with a 99 rating and certain attributes, like a brake tackle, for example. You’re also going to have injury-prone prospects who might be good, but you have to take the risk on whether or not they’ll be able to stay healthy. You can also have utility-type players like Taysom Hill who can play multiple positions. And you’re also just going to have more generational prospects that are going to come out of the draft as well.

    Number 2: Seen a slew of new commissioner tools. With these new tools, you can set up your franchise mode exactly how you want it. You can turn off home field advantage, you can make trading very easy or very hard, you can update the regression by each position and age, you can turn off auto depth chart reordering. Finally, you can edit the positional strength of each draft class to make some drafts be stronger QB classes and other drafts be stronger receiver classes. And those are just a few that I listed. There’s a bunch more on top of that.

    Number 3: An additional skill tree and more skills for your assistant coaches in franchise. So now you can equip even more skills to these coaches, and you can build them out to be exactly how you want them so that you can build the best team possible.

    Number 4: Thousands of new gameplay animations. According to EA, they’ve added over 1,700 new tackle animations. They’ve added a bunch of new throwing animations, like the Mahomes throw, the jump pass. There’s a bunch of new catching animations, new rack catches, new possession catches, new aggressive catches. They’ve even updated fumble recovery animations, so now guys won’t dumb out as much and just run past the ball. They’ll actually make a better effort to get on the ball and they can make better recoveries with these new animations.

    Number 5: New onside kicks. For a long time, onside kicks were just kind of useless in Madden, and there was only really one way to kick them. But now they’ve added different variations so that you can kick these onside kicks much more like they do in real life, and now you have a higher chance of actually recovering them, which makes for a more interesting game.

    Number 6: Foundational football updates, or at least that’s what EA calls them. These are things that are “foundational” to the game of football that they improved. The new run-blocking AI is a ton better this year, and you’ll notice it right away. You’re going to be able to run the ball better than ever because the run-blocking is actually, dare I say, good now. And that’s a great update to the game because the blocking should be better. They’ve also done more foundational additional work with the defensive back AI and coverage. The read and react is much better this year. They’re going to make more read steps, and this is going to help them clamp down on shorter routes because they’re not just going to bail into coverage so quickly. They’re going to try to diagnose the play, and it’s going to help them clamp down on routes like curls and slants a little bit better. They also are just better at reacting to the ball in the air. They go for many more swats and they defend more passes than they could in the past.

    Number 7: Playbook overhaul. They added a ton of new formations and a ton of new plays to the game this year that are a lot of fun to use. And each team’s playbook has specific plays that only that playbook has. So in the Saints’ playbook, you’re going to see some unique stuff to what Taysom Hill would do. And in the Eagles’ playbook, you’re going to see a ton of new stuff that’s Jalen Hurts-inspired, which makes the game a lot more fun and interesting in my opinion.

    Number 8: Adaptive AI. Yes, you heard that right. They have finally added adaptive AI to the game, but it’s only for the run defense. It’s not for the pass defense. And I assume doing that for pass defense would be a lot harder because there are too many moving parts and probably a lot could go wrong there. But to start, they have implemented it for run defense. So if you run the same run play over and over and over, after a few times, the defense is going to adapt, and they are going to shut it down because they’re going to know that you’re doing the obvious same play over and over. So that’s going to add a new twist to gameplay.

    Number 9: Post-play emotion. In between the plays, now you’re going to see a lot more real-life emotion from the players, and it makesthe game feel more immersive. You’ll see players celebrating after big plays, getting frustrated after mistakes, and interacting with each other on the field. It adds a new layer of realism to the game and enhances the overall experience.

    Number 10: Quarterback AI.

    They’ve definitely done a lot of work here to make quarterbacks play more like their real-life selves. So, Patrick Mahomes is gonna fit past his entire coverage. Josh Allen’s gonna be a little bit more of a gunslinger, and he might force a few passes a game. Guys like Kirk Cousins are gonna check the ball down more because that’s what he does in real life. And just in general, if you’re calling the same plays on defense over and over, the better QBs are gonna start to be aware of this, and they’re gonna start audible based on the same coverage if you’re running it every play. So, it’s going to add another challenging element for people that like to play against the CPU.

    Number 11: New pathfinding tech for rushing QBs and running backs. This is another area they did a good bit of work. So now, the AI, again, is going to be a little bit more challenging because their pathfinding is much better this year. They’re going to find the running lanes, and it’s going to be a little harder to stop the run or stop mobile QBs against the CPU because they’re actually a little bit more aware of where they should be running on the field.

    Number 12: New equipment. Every year, they give us some new equipment, and this year they’ve done it once again. And one of the bigger things that people have been asking about is the Axiom helmet. It’s finally in the game. We saw it in the trailer, we saw it in some clips. That’s finally in the game. On top of other equipment like baggy sleeves and things like that. So if you’re an equipment guy, there’s definitely going to be some new stuff for you to sink your teeth into this year.

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    In conclusion, the latest Madden NFL game brings a host of exciting features and updates that aim to enhance the realism, customization, and overall gameplay experience. From new draft class generators and enhanced commissioner tools to an expanded skill tree for assistant coaches and thousands of new gameplay animations, players are in for a treat. The game also introduces improved onside kicks, foundational football updates, adaptive AI for run defense, post-play emotion, enhanced quarterback AI, new pathfinding tech for rushing QBs and running backs, and a range of new equipment options. Additionally, the availability of “Madden 24 coins” through platforms like Buymmog allows players to further enhance their gameplay, providing opportunities for customization and obtaining a competitive edge. With these exciting features and valuable in-game resources, Madden NFL delivers an immersive and thrilling football gaming experience for enthusiasts around the world.


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