Automated parcel lockers have appeared relatively recently, but many companies are already using these devices. These are terminals that are used to send and receive postal items, including letters, parcels and packages. Most importantly, they provide a convenient way to send and receive mail without having to visit a post office or post office box. Which saves a lot of time.

    Application of parcel lockers

    • Sending parcels. To send mail through a post office, the sender must pack the parcel or letter, then select the nearest box and follow the instructions on the terminal. He enters the recipient’s details and selects a payment method.
    • Receiving parcels. The recipient receives a notification (often via SMS or email) with a unique code or barcode. This code is required to open the box in the automated parcel locker e where the item is stored.

    Why are parcel lockers convenient?

    • Indoor parcel lockers are usually located in convenient locations such as shopping centers, supermarkets or public buildings, making them accessible to most people.
    • Automated lockers are usually equipped with security systems, including CCTV cameras, to ensure packages are protected from theft or damage.
    • Mailboxes are often used by online stores to deliver goods, allowing customers to receive their orders at a convenient time, without waiting for the courier.
    • Using parcel lockers allows you to save time that would be spent visiting a post office, and also reduces delivery costs for some types of items.

    How can you use OMNIC’s smart parcel lockers in e-commerce?

    Parcel lockers provide an excellent opportunity to optimize the delivery process for online stores (e-commerce) and provide convenience for customers. Here are a few ways you can use these devices for e-commerce:

    Alternative delivery option for orders

    Allow customers to select courier delivery as one of their delivery options when placing an order. This is convenient for those who prefer to receive goods at a convenient time.


    Customers can choose their nearest parcel locker as a pickup location. This is especially convenient for clients who cannot be home during certain hours.

    Delivery optimization

    Use analytics to identify popular areas and install smart parcel lockers in those locations. This will optimize delivery and reduce travel time for most orders.

    Notifications and tracking:

    Integrate a notification system so that customers receive messages that their order has been delivered to the post office and instructions for collection.

    Return of goods

    Parcel lockers can also be used to return goods. Customers can return items through their nearest parcel terminal, making the return process easier.

    Promotions and promotions

    Offer discounts or promotional codes for locker delivery orders, encouraging customers to take advantage of this option as a more convenient option than targeted delivery.

    Partnership with a network of parcel lockers

    Partner with a chain of parcel lockers to obtain special rates or services that can reduce shipping costs. This is quite common practice.

    Customer loyalty

    Launch a loyalty program where customers can receive bonuses or discounts for using parcel terminals for delivery.

    OMNIC’s parcel terminals: a ready-made solution for your online store

    To summarize, we can say that the use of parcel lockers for e-commerce allows you to increase convenience for customers, reduce delivery costs and optimize the processes of your online store. If you want to integrate smart parcel lockers  into your business, you can order a ready-made solution from the manufacturing company OMNIC by finding contacts of representatives in your region on the company’s website.


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