The thunderous roar of the rapids, the splash of chilled water on your face, your heart racing as you paddle furiously through the swirling currents. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of white water rafting in Montenegro. And Montenegro offers some of the best rafting in Europe for adventurers seeking an adrenaline rush. With scenic gorges, mountain rivers, and several courses catering to beginners and experts alike, it’s time to get wet and wild in Montenegro’s top 5 rafting locations.

    From north to south, here is my list of must-try rafting excursions for those wanting to conquer Montenegro’s rapids. Just be sure to book with an experienced outfitter – safety comes first on these heart-pounding rafting adventures.

    Tara River Rafting

    The Tara River Canyon, cutting through the mountain ranges, offers rafting through some of Montenegro’s most spectacular gorges. One day Tara Rafting is rivers 21 exhilarating kilometers from Brstnovica to Sćepan Polje takes 2 to 3 hours, passing through over 50 rapids ranging up to Class IV difficulty.

    The unique turquoise color of the Tara River and the surrounding forested canyon make for dramatic scenery. Experience Europe’s deepest canyon (4000 ft) and second-longest river from an entirely new perspective when riding this stunning hydrologic wonder. Just holding on through the infamous 30-foot-tall Čelije rapids will get your blood pumping! The Tara earns the #1 spot for sheer scenic beauty and exciting grade III-IV rapids.

    Rafting on the River Zeta in Danilovgrad

    Conveniently located just 20 minutes from Podgorica, the Zeta River offers a picturesque half-day rafting trip near the capital city. Starting from the village of Martinići, rafters can tackle 11 kilometers of rapids ranging up to Class III over 2-3 hours. With cascades like Manastirska tama thrown in, rafting the Zeta makes for an accessible adventure close to town.

    Wildlife like mountain goats, golden eagles, and pine martens can be spotted along the way. Stop at the Monastery Zdrebaonik along the emerald river to learn about its fascinating 500-year history. The Zeta River gets points for family-friendliness and is an easy side trip from Podgorica.

    Rafting on the River Lim in Berane

    In northern Montenegro near the Albanian border, the town of Berane is the starting point for whitewater trips along the Lim River. Here, an 18-kilometer route runs from the villages of Ržišta to Andrijevica over 3-4 hours. With rapids up to Class III difficulty, it offers fun for beginners and moderate adventurers.

    Local outfitters can also arrange exciting canyoning expeditions in the Lim River area. Beyond great rafting, the Lim appeals to its ties to Montenegrin culture. Stop for a traditional local meal of kebabs or roasted lamb at riverside restaurants in Berane between rapids for a taste of Montenegro’s cuisine.

    Rafting and Canoeing on Moraca River

    The Moraca River provides a scenic rafting route only 30 minutes from Podgorica, outside the town of Kolasin. Rafting, canoeing, or even hydrospeeding down 14 kilometers from Bukovica to Rudnice is a half-day affair taking 2-3 hours to complete. With rapids up to Class III, it’s suitable for beginners and families. Late spring to early fall is the best time to experience Moraca River rafting.

    The Moraca earns high points for accessibility from Podgorica and having canoe and hydrospeed options alongside rafts. Paddling past Bukovica Monastery on a canoe is a peaceful experience after the rapids calm down midway through the journey. With little development along its banks, the Moraca has a remote feel despite being close to the capital.

    Rafting on the Crnojevica River

    Though smaller in size, the turquoise Crnojevica River near Virpazar offers convenient rafting escapes right within Durmitor National Park. Half-day adventures cover about 6 kilometers through sublime scenery in the Balkan Mountains. With a max Class III rapid, it’s another beginner-friendly option in Montenegro.

    Beyond rafting, the Crnojevica stands out for multi-adventure offerings. Combine rafting with hiking, biking, or other activities on an action-packed tour. Caving and canyoning day trips in the region are also popular. For family-friendly rafting paired with other outdoorsy pursuits, the Crnojevica River comes recommended.

    Best White Water Rafting Locations in Montenegro

    Monenegro’s rivers offer so much more than rafting – with mountain scenery, monasteries, villages, and more to discover. For high-adrenaline rides through steep canyons or more relaxed paddles for newbies, Montenegro has it all. Have you conquered rapids on one of these top spots or found another favorite location? Let us know where we should add to the list of the best whitewater rafting that Montenegro has to offer! Just be sure to hold on tight for the ride.


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