Vintage fashion is making a comeback in fashion trends. And while it gives people a way to express their sense of fashion, pulling a vintage look is easier said than done. You don’t want to look like you are living in the past in this modern age. This you can only achieve by finding clever ways to incorporate timeless fashion styles and accessories with your contemporary wardrobe. But, how do you do that without making a fashion miss? In this article, we discuss how to fashionably infuse modern fashion trends with a dose of classic fashion.

    For those seeking timeless elegance in their fashion choices, an online clothing boutique can be your ultimate destination. Explore the offerings of a reputable online clothing boutique to discover classic fashion staples that stand the test of time while keeping your style fresh and sophisticated.

    Invest in vintage staples

    A good place to start infusing classic fashion into your outfits is to start investing in vintage fashion pieces. However, keep in mind that these pieces are drawn from different eras. Make sure to choose carefully to ensure that every piece matches your style.

    Vintage clothing pieces include A-line skirts and dresses drawn from the 50s and 60s. You can also find denim and leather jackets, vests, and trench coats for your wardrobe, not forgetting shirts and blouses in pussy bows, ruffle collars, and puffy sleeves.

    Wondering where to find such pieces? Browse vintage websites and visit vintage stores. If you can find something that fits you, you can always have it tailored to your size.

    Mix and match or layer

    As said earlier, you want to give your look a retro feel without looking like you are living in the 20s.To do that without a hassle, try to find a balance between both extremes. A good way to go about it is to mix a vintage piece with a modern outfit. For instance, you can pick a vintage blouse and pair it with a modern pair of jeans or shorts. You can also pair high-waisted pants with a modern top.

    Another great idea is to layer the classic pieces with modern pieces in your wardrobe to create a unique look. For instance, a layer that laces a blouse with a modern blazer or suit. You can also wear a retro denim jacket on top for that timeless feel.

    In addition, you can find clever ways to turn a classic vibe into a modern sensation. For instance, experiment with color and fabrics. Have your A-line skirts and dresses tailored using modern fabric and trendy colors. When it comes to accessories, you can replace vintage with modern styles. Swiss-made field watches, a good hat, and precious pearls can turn a mix of retro and modern into an iconic look.

    Take it slow

    The reason that you are struggling to pull a vintage look in a modern way could be because you are trying everything at the same time. You are likely to get the hack of it sooner if you slow down on experimenting with vintage items. If you are new to the trend, start testing the waters with classic accessories. You can, for instance, throw in a silk scarf, a classic handbag, or shoes into your modern look to turn your outfit around.

    You can also try to bring in a piece of clothing from the past one at a time. An A-line skirt here and a lace blouse there would be a great way to start incorporating retro clothing into your wardrobe. But be sure to stick to a single one. If the top is classic, pair it with a modern piece.

    Borrow the ideas from the past

    It can be hard to find classic items off the rack, especially one that fits you well. But that doesn’t mean that you give up rocking a vintage outfit altogether. A good idea is to borrow the ideas and have the outfits tailored for you. Vintage staples such as A-line skirts, wide-leg pants, and classic blazers can be easily tailored for you. Moreover, you don’t have to borrow the entire vintage fashion. Hints of the vintage integrated with modern fabrics and patterns give you a classic look that is forward-looking and modern.

    Find inspiration

    Another great way to immerse yourself in the fashion style of the past is to seek inspiration from different places. Start by studying the history of different outfits from past eras. Seek to learn how people from those eras brought the outfits to life. Maybe you can find some inspiration that might help you in this modern day. In addition, it is easy to find fashion icons and bloggers that focus on vintage fashion. You will get a lot of resources and ideas on how to style your pieces in a contemporary way.


    Fashion drawn from the past never loses its taste, which gives fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to create the magic of timeless elegance. You also don’t want to be left behind in the growing trend. Start investing in classic staples that match your sense of style. Start slowly as you incorporate it into your modern wardrobe. Also, find ways to modernize the pieces so you can embrace timeless fashion without feeling overwhelmed.


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