Sprouts possess multifarious attributes that are beneficial to human health. In the 1920s, an American Professor named Edmond Szekely proposed the concept of how sprouts are healthy. He classified sprouts as the most beneficial foods and suggested they make up 25% of the daily nutritional intake. Sprouts are known to be highly efficient in the process of cell regeneration too.

    Out of the many biogenic foods out there in the market, sprouts are known to be extremely advantageous to the overall body metabolism. Alfalfa sprouts, mung bean sprouts, radish sprouts and broccoli sprouts are the most commonly consumed sprouting seeds.

    How are sprouting seeds beneficial?

    Sprouting is a simple process in which germinated seeds are eaten either in the raw form or cooked. Courtesy of their innumerable health benefits, sprouts are the actual stars of the vegetable world. Sprouts possess high levels of dietary fiber in addition to protein and B complex vitamins. For instance, mung bean sprouts provide 32 calories and 0.84 gram of fiber per cup and 21-28 percent protein by weight.

    Sprouts also contain digestive enzymes and levels of antioxidants that are among the highest in protein-rich foods. One serving of sprouts provides an approximate 119 percent of the daily prescribed amount of Vitamin C.

    Sprouting seeds of broccoli are rich in antioxidants called sulphoraphanes that have been proven to have cancer-preventive effects. In April 2012, a study published in the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition” found out that this antioxidant is beneficial in reducing insulin resistance and is likely to help people suffering from type – 2 diabetes keep their blood-sugar level in check.

    In fact, the participants of this study who consumed 10 grams of broccoli sprouts daily witnessed lower levels of insulin. People who are looking to burn fat may take this as part of their diet too, and can help them reduce liver fat, combined with excercise.

    Sprouted whole grains have slightly more nutrient value compared with sprouting seeds. The advantage of sprouting wheat or barley is that they contain less protein gluten, which is tough for some people to digest. A couple of other enzymes present in whole grain sprouts aid in digesting carbohydrates and also prevent mineral absorption.

    The biggest advantage of consuming sprouts is that they help in cancer prevention. Double Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that growth of cancer cells is stimulated in absence of oxygen. These cells along with microbes, found it difficult to survive in an oxygen rich environment, which is exactly what sprouts provide. On the other hand, women who consumed sprouts on a daily basis found relief from hot flushes besides supporting hormonal functions.

    Incorporating sprouts as part of your diet

    Sprouts provide a healthy kick to anything they are added into. If you like the taste of sprouts, try eating them in the raw form. Furthermore, you can also incorporate cooked sprouts in your regular diet. However, when you are cooking them, make sure you add them at the end so as to help them retain their nutrient value.


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