There is no better place to charter a yacht or boat than sunny and balmy Miami, with its Caribbean-like Ocean and miles of light-golden Florida shoreline.

    One of the most popular places to dock a rented Yacht Rental Miami, which hosts the internationally renowned Ultra Music Festival. With its beautiful turquoise waters and stunning views of the stadium, Miami is a popular destination for charter yachts any day of the week.

    Miami yacht charters and boat rentals for trips to Haulover Sandbar.

    The Haulover Sandbar is a favorite spot for yacht charters because the sand is exposed at low tide and just beneath the surface at high tide, making it possible to the boat and explore on foot. In the heart of North Miami Beach’s harbor, the lovely beach is like a sanctuary for boats. Florida is the only place to rent or hire a boat or yacht that you must reach by water. You can get food from a seller who travels about by boat, and the sandbar itself is one of the largest you’ll ever see. It’s one of the best places to go sailing in the United States.

    Miami’s party boats

    Your next birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, or any celebration aboard a yacht should be held in Miami. We’ll supply the private yacht and its crew so that you may relax, drink champagne, dance with your friends, and swim in the water.

    Another option is to consider:

    You can either travel south to the Keys or travel east of Key Biscayne to the coral reefs. To go even closer to the marine life in the area, bring along a set of snorkeling equipment.

    Get out on the water and party with other boaters by visiting one of the numerous other sandbars.

    Plan a charter vacation to Nassau and the surrounding islands that spans multiple days.

    See the mansions in Miami worth tens of millions of dollars in their natural habitat, from the water.

    Miami Boat Rental, Yacht Rental, and Yacht Charter Experts

    To see what is genuinely accessible on your desired departure date, narrow your search results by selecting a date. In order to keep schedules consistent and Captains available, most boats have set departure hours.

    Check Availability / Make a Reservation

    After narrowing your search to a few affordable choices, you may check their availability by submitting a request online. The boat owner’s decision on whether to accept your charter will be dependent on their current availability and plans.

    Once you’ve decided on a boat, you may reserve it by paying a modest deposit through our simple online booking system. After the rental or charter is over, the security deposit will be reimbursed.

    Pick a Captain and Crew: Yachts and boats all have lists of Captains who have been vetted and are permitted to operate that specific vessel. You get to choose who will be the ship’s captain.

    No Secret Costs or Extra Charges:

    At the dock, several businesses slap you with unexpected charges. Our website’s all-inclusive pricing. Ask about any additional costs while comparing yacht rentals in Miami, or book with complete peace of mind. Check out our Miami boat rentals right now!

    A courteous and competent crew:

    Our Miami captains have not only been through extensive training and obtained US Coast Guard certification, but they have also been personally chosen by the owner and by you to provide a memorable yachting experience.


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