Why is the ‘Interactive Presentation Software‘ essential? When preparing for a presentation, you want it to be engaging and memorable. Yet after giving and attending various exhibitions, you may be aware of how the audience can lose interest in a presentation shortly after that presentation kicks off.

    Those are typically the presentations that lack the “interaction”, where the presenter takes the lead all of the time and gives no chance to the audience to participate.

    Who created the presentations? Robert Gaskins – Inventors of PowerPoint
    When were presentations found? 1987
    What was the first name of the presentation? ‘Presenter’, released by the Apple Macintosh
    When was the first computer software found? 1979

    Overview of Interactive Presentation Tool

    However, you may be unsure of how a speech can be considered “interactive” and attention-drawing and how you can transform yours into the wonderful presentation.

    With our experience as professional speakers, we have found these core values we can rely on to re-assess our exhibitions and make improvements, and you can use them, too!

    Charts with live voting results from a presentation – interactive presentation tools

    “Interactive” presentation – What is it?

    An “interactive” presentation means a two-way conversation between the presenter and their audience. These are some bulleted points (but not all) you can refer to, to check if your presentation is interactive enough:

    • Tailored content and props for each type of audience
    • Optimise the use of visual information
    • Ask audience questions
    • Give the audience time to voice out opinions via Q&A or Discussion sessions
    • Fun interactive, topic-based games
    • Include personal stories, apart from evidence-based ones, if possible
    • and a lot more – your imagination is the limit!

    A meeting supported by an interactive presentation software

    Why should we make our presentations interactive?

    Most of the time, we have come to terms with conditional, old-styled presentations, which are monologues by the speaker. They give information, they give out slides with tons of text, and they speak – seeing their audience glaze over and start to glue their eyes to their phone screens.

    On the other hand, interaction makes the audience truly a part of your presentation by creating a connection between you and them.

    A live Word Cloud, powered by AhaSlides interactive presentation software

    The sense of engagement makes them willing to listen to you and subconsciously more perceptive of your ideas. On the scientific side, activities speak 70% more than mere words! With interaction, the audience is more focused during your presentation and retains the information for much longer than when they listen.

    4 Reasons Your Company Should Use An Interactive Presentation Software

    Elaborate Visual Aids

    84.3% of the 400 speakers at the Martech conferences in 2018 created visually-focused presentations. The study demonstrates how visual is an integral part of a successful presentation.

    With AhaSlides, the contents of a presentation can be easily laid out in videos, images, polls, quizzes and other elaborate visual aids. With these advanced aids, the display will surely maintain the focus of the executive audiences and improve the experience of your company meetings.

    Don’t know how to employ these visual aids efficiently? Consult our blog posts below:

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    • Meeting Icebreakers
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    Creative Interactive Presentation – Interactive presentation platforms

    Numerous Templates

    Traditional presentation tools like PowerPoint or Google Slides provide users with some themes and templates. However, they cannot match the hundreds of templates readily available in any interactive presentation tool. With a vast and constructive community, their users contribute to an ever-expanding library of templates.

    Furthermore, among all the software, AhaSlides allows users to customize and insert their logo branding, background, and theme font onto the presentation. This feature is suitable for critical corporate meetings that require a formal and severe template for their presentation.

    Intuitive Editing Tools

    The editing tools for this software are also intuitive and easy to learn. These editing tools, along with an extensive collection of templates, will equip the company with the means to create captivating presentations for various groups of audiences.

    Innovative Designs

    Utilizing the best UX design philosophies, most interactive presentation software provides innovative and visually stunning designs for its users. These designs fully exploit the limited space of a slide. They deliver the most information to the audience through the intelligent and artistic combination of visuals and text.

    What can you do with interactive presentation software?

    As we are commonly used to the traditional presenting styles since school, you may find it uneasy about adding interaction into your presentations at first. However, this can now be solved with interactive presentation software.

    Interactive presentation software provides multiple design tools and easy storage

    The older version of visual aids like pamphlets, paper handouts, whiteboards, flip charts, and so on are now replaced with customised themes, graphs and charts and various question types. These can be conveniently stored online or on small storage devices. This removes the inconvenience of carrying bulky papers and items during presentations.

    Interactive presentation software integrates multimedia functionalities

    The interactive presentation software allows for integrating texts, images, and videos into one presentation. They are effective ways to turn data into visually good-looking information that the audience is willing to take a look at!

    What is the best interactive presentation software today?

    Thousands of interactive presentation software are now available on the market, catering for your essential needs when creating interactive presentations. Some popular choices are Mentimeter, Sli.do, Poll Everywhere, Quizizz, and so on.

    Among all these alternatives, AhaSlides is the one that stands out as a full-packaged and the most affordable choice – a software that allows you to host fully interactive presentations with awesome activities. There is a lot you can do with AhaSlides:

    • Get ideas and crowdsource the best ideas from the audience with live polls. Captivating Word Clouds, Open-Ended questions and more are available for you to get your audience involved! Real-time results are displayed in animated charts or graph types of your choice.
      Or you can add some fun competition with Quiz Games in just a few steps and let the audience compete for the first spot on the leaderboard!

    A talk by Me Salva – a Brazilian educational platform – powered by AhaSlides

    • Either pick up the Presenter Pacing option to keep an audience on the same slide as what’s being shown on the big screen; or Audience Pacing so that they can move back and forth, get hindsight into what will be shown and always be on track – ideal for online surveys and reports!

    interactive video presentation

    • Get full-packed customisation for free! There are no other software to date that allow you to customise your presentations with beautiful colours, and themes and display, all for free.
    • Upgrade for advanced features, including Data Export, at surprisingly lower cost than other alternatives, from $4.95/month.
    • Get in-time support via Website, Email or Facebook whenever you prepare for your presentations or face troubles!

    Future Maker Night – a Thai conference powered by AhaSlides (photo courtesy of Joy Asawasripongtorn)

    You can use this powerful tool to win the attention and keep the audience as your alliance, just like millions of other public speakers, educators, businesses and teams worldwide!


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