Since the advent of DeFi in 2019, the blockchain industry has taken a much more significant part in the financial system. That being said, for DeFi to have more utility for the mainstream consumer, products need to provide better liquidity and more diverse services. 

    Woo Network and dYdX are two blockchain projects that aim to disrupt decentralized finances by doing these exact two things. In this article, we explore these novel financial products and take a closer look at their fundamentals and benefits. 

    Moreover, we will analyze some price predictions from reputable internet sources to see which one between WOO vs DYDX is the better opportunity for investors. 

    What Is WOO?

    Woo Network is a deep liquidity platform that aims to be the intermediary for traders and exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. The network provides near-zero fee trading and connects retail and institutional investors in one place. 

    Its two major products are: 

    • WOO X — a modular centralized exchange for retail and financial institutions that can be personalized for the needs of the user. 
    • WOOFi — a decentralized exchange that uses multiple DeFi protocols to provide a wide range of services. 

    In addition, the project provides liquidity as a service and provides full proof of reserves. The goal is to increase the trust of the mainstream consumer with both CEX and DEX financial services. 

    WOO tokens are used for staking on the platform and generating yields on the BNB chain and Avalanche. 

    WOO Price Prediction

    Although WOO tokens have taken a hit in their valuation because of the bear market, analysts still have some hope. For reference, WOO is valued at $0.25 at the time of writing. 

    For example, provides a forecast of $0.72 per token for 2025 and expects WOO to go as high as $4.53 in 2030. Their peers from have similar predictions: $0.87 for 2025 and $2.55 for 2030. 

    Understanding dYdX

    The dYdX platform is a decentralized crypto exchange that provides advanced features to its users. It allows traders to trade perpetual contracts with both isolated and cross-margin features that are usually only available on centralized exchanges. 

    Depositing funds into your dYdX account allows you to start earning interest on your funds immediately. The reason behind this is that dYdX uses these funds as a common liquidity pool for the trading platform to be able to provide its services. 

    Moreover, dYdX offers a layer 2 protocol with nearly zero fees. This allows users to make multiple trades with at no cost, compared to the prohibitive fees on the Ethereum blockchain. 

    DYDX Price Forecast

    For reference, DYDX is currently hovering around the $2.10 mark. offers a bullish vision, with a price target of $5.74 for 2025, For the long term (2030), the website provides a price of $38.11 per DYDX token. offers the following prices for the same periods: $7.65 for 2025 and $22.18 for 2030. 

    WOO vs DYDX: Market Performance

    The WOO token hit the markets in late 2020, just before the significant bull run in crypto of that period. This allowed it to reach an all-time high of $2.4 less than a year after release. It grew exponentially making 5,200% gains from release. The price has since retraced significantly, to $0.25. Users can swap ADA to SOL on Woo, which makes it a great access point into the crypto world. 

    DYDX, on the other hand, came in late, and in the middle of the bullish cycle of 2021. It reached an all-time high of $27.78 less than two weeks after its release. And even though the initial gains were pretty significant (+160%), the bear market has pushed the prices much lower. Currently, DYDX is trading at $2.1, a 92% drop from its ATH in 2021. Although it provides good features for decentralized perpetuals, competitors like Quickswap are slowly creeping in.  

    WOO vs DYDX: What Should an Investor Choose?

    These two projects are positioning themselves to disrupt centralized exchanges and provide crypto users with secure and diverse financial products. However, it seems that WOO is better placed for upside potential, given that its current price is still net positive compared to the release price. 


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