Afro wigs are an excellent option if you want to give your hair a break but also stick to something natural. It offers maximum styling versatility and great hairstyle options to protect your natural hair. The wig reduces your exposure to styling like cutting, dyeing, and heat styling. Aside from shielding your natural hair from damage, it will help it grow healthily.

    In addition to offering you a realistic appearance, the afro wig will regain your confidence if you have hair loss due to medical conditions. If you are new to wigs, this article will provide important things you need to know about Afro wigs.

    Table of Content

    • How to choose your afro wig
    • How to care for Afro Wig
    • Benefits of Luvme Hair Afro Wigs
    • How to Style Luvme Hair Afro Wig
    • Conclusion

    How to Choose Your Afro Wig

    In general, afro wigs are beautiful; however, the problem is choosing the most suitable afro wig might be a problem. To choose the best afro wig for you, you must stick to one thing, and that’s the wig’s texture. Ensure the texture of the wig matches your skin tone for a realistic appearance.

    How to Care For Afro Wigs

    Moisturize Like your Natural Hair

    It is important that you treat your afro wig like your natural hair, so you should use quality hair products for your wig. Your natural hair is prone to dryness; the same thing applies to afro wigs. Plus, unlike natural hair, afro wigs do not have a natural source of oil from the scalp; they have more tendency to dry or tangle. Therefore ensure you use moisturizing products to keep the wigs soft, shiny, and moisturized.

    Air Dry

    Heat will do more harm to your afro wig than you can imagine, so as much as possible, avoid heat styling. It will cause tangles, frizzing and affect the shape of your wig. Once you are done washing, it is advisable to air dry your wig. Lay the wig on a towel to dry it out, or you can hang it on a wig holder to air dry. However, if you must blow dry, it is important you keep the blow dryer in a cool setting.

    Avoid Chemicals

    It is advisable you stay away from coloring or dyeing your afro wigs. Chemicals will do more harm than you can ever expect. In general, the less chemical you use, the longer the lifespan of your wig. Instead, you can just deep condition and moisturize your hair.

    Try Co-washing

    This is a term for using conditioner on your wig instead of shampoo. Also, while choosing a conditioner, ensure you only choose sulfate-free ones.

    Store Appropriately at Nights

    The first rule to keep your wigs in good shape is never to go to bed with them. Ensure you remove your afro wig before sleeping; this will help prevent matting and tangling. Plus, continuous contact with pillowcases and sheets can damage the wig. Similar to how you care for your natural hair, ensure you store them properly at night.

    Benefits of Luvme Hair Afro Wigs


    Afro wigs afford you the opportunity to switch between hairstyles without touching your natural hair. They are available in different colors, lengths, and styles, meaning you can achieve many things with the wig.

    Protective Styling

    Afro wigs give your natural hair a break, moisturize it and allow it to grow healthily. It also serves as a protective cover to shield your hair from environmental factors like weather conditions, heat styling, and many more.


    Another perk of the afro wig is changing your appearance and transitioning to another hairstyle without committing much. You spend less time styling an afro wig when compared with natural hair. Therefore you can show up to occasions and events trying out different looks.


    Wearing an afro wig will inspire confidence in you. Aside from being a hairstyle with wide acceptance in history, it will also help you appear as natural as possible.


    Fashion helps with self-expression; you can let the world know how you feel by expressing it through your looks. With afro wigs, self-expression becomes it as you can switch between looks without headaches.

    How to Style Luvme Hair Afro Wig

    There are different ways to style an Afro wig; since it is made from human hair, you can try out different styling options. Below are a few ones to try out.

    Defined Curls

    You can decide to focus on the curly wigs using curl-defining products. Once you are done applying the product, scrunch the curls and allow them to dry.


    It is not always about applying hair products or heat styling; you can add accessories like headbands, hair clips, or scarves to the Afro wig. Your choice will depend on the type of look you want to achieve.

    Customized Cuts

    This is a style you might be afraid to achieve with your natural hair. You can cut your Afro wig into different styles to achieve your desired look.


    Afro wigs fall into the category of wigs that people will rarely notice as wigs. It is natural-looking, visually appealing, and durable. It has all the qualities you ever want in a wig. You can never regret spending on this type of wig. If you are considering buying an Afro wig, this article contains some information you need to know about the wig.


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