The top 24 contestants for Australia’s famous singing reality show Australian Idol 2023 (Season 8) were announced a few weeks earlier. Then, we selected the Top 12 of the season from among these 24 participants, who will offer their best performance to remain in this tournament.

    Starting February 26th, 2023, all fans and viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite performer to rescue him or her from elimination. People can vote for their favorite performer by sending a simple SMS to the number provided. On the day of the voting results, we will select the Top 10 from these 12 singers based on public votes.

    Australian Idol 2023 today Elimination
    Australian Idol 2023 today Elimination

    Australian Idol 2023 (season 8) Top 10 Singer

    Sr No. Contestant Name Status
    1 Amali Dimond In Top 10
    2 Josh Hannan In Top 10
    3 Ben Sheehy In Top 10
    4 Angelina Curtis In Top 10
    5 Royston Sagigi-Baira In Top 10
    6 Maya Weis Eliminated
    (Top 12)
    7 Sash Seabourne In Top 10
    8 Jasey Fox Eliminated
    (Top 12)
    9 Noora H In Top 10
    10 Harry Hayden In Top 10
    11 Anya Alchemy In Top 10
    12 Phoebe Stewart In Top 10

    How To Vote Australian Idol 2023 (season 8) Contestants

    If you want to know how to vote for your favorite performer using this approach, just follow these steps:

    Step 1: From the above table, find the FIRSTNAME of your favorite contender for whom you wish to vote.
    Step 2: Now, send that FIRSTNAME to 0457 500 700.
    Step 3: You have successfully voted by sending an SMS.

    Please keep in mind that there is no limit to how many times you can vote.

    Australian Idol 2023 (season 8) Contestant’s First Name

    Sr No. Contestant Name First Name
    1 Amali Dimond AMALI
    2 Josh Hannan JOSH
    3 Ben Sheehy BEN
    4 Angelina Curtis ANGELINA
    5 Royston Sagigi-Baira ROYSTON
    6 Sash Seabourne SASH
    7 Noora H NOORA
    8 Harry Hayden HARRY
    9 Anya Alchemy ANYA
    10 Phoebe Stewart PHOEBE

    Australian Idol 2023 (season 8) Voting Lines

    The 24-hour voting period begins after Sunday’s program and ends on Monday at 7:35 pm AEDT. Each voter may cast as many votes as they choose.

    Australian Idol 2023 (season 8) Voting Rules

    Point 1: Only Australian residents are eligible to vote.
    Point 2: Voters under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian permission to vote.
    Point 3: Voters will not receive a voting confirmation SMS.
    Point 4: Text message rates are standard.
    Point 5: The Ansible Helpline phone number is 1300 851 419.

    Now, get ready to vote and save your favorite competitor from elimination by advancing them to the Top 10.


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