There are situations when the lock has failed you. It is quite possible to try to open a jammed door yourself. It is probably better to find a gay nearby on Otherwise you may try to do it by yourself, and it’s crucially important to remember that exessive efforts are not necessary, they will only aggravate the situation.

    The sequence of actions in case of damage is determined by the type of jammed lock:

    1. cylinder;
    2. suvald;
    3. code lock.

    There may be problems with the cylinder mechanism: the key does not get out or turns with difficulty. If the replacement unit is jammed or the key is stuck, then to open the locking mechanism without damaging it is available only to a locksmith or Car Locksmith. If it is not possible to contact a locksmith:

    – clean the slots of the lock and door with a brush, removing possible metal particles that caused the jamming;
    – lubricate the locking device with machine oil and try to turn the key;
    – if the key remains stuck, try to pull it out with pliers;
    – if these attempts are not successful, you will have to drill out the replacement unit and replace it.

    If the door is skewed or the hinges are damaged, you will need a chisel or screwdriver, which must be hammered into the area of the connection between the leaf and the box. Then try to move the door into place, using the chisel as a lever, and pull the door handle to try to open it.

    The door may jam because of the tongue latch, i.e. the spring is damaged and the latch is locked. In this case, the latch must be squeezed with a flat object (knife, metal ruler or even a plastic card), which is inserted into the gap between the door frame and the leaf, where the latch is located. Tilt the handy object to the handle, pressing it, then push it to the other side, so that the latch goes into the mechanism, and pull the door. When the lock needs to be opened from the side without a cut, the opening object should be inserted from the top obliquely.

    • How to open a lock of the suvald type

    In case of a jammed locking mechanism it is recommended:

    – first of all, lubricate the device with silicone, preferably with a spray and carefully, smoothly try to get the key out;
    – if the position has not changed, it is necessary to cut off longitudinal protrusions or squeeze the keyhole, then try to insert the key with the opposite side.In the future, so that the situation does not repeat, change the larva or the lock itself to a product of quality production from specialized reliable companies that sell hardware for doors. If the locking device is stuck when closing, it will be necessary to bore the door frame with a file.

    • Broken code lock

    This type of lock is increasingly common on standard wooden interior doors. In such cases, reprogramming is more likely to be required, as a code lock has no keyhole, which eliminates the possibility of a defect like mechanical devices. The lock may have buttons that are stuck, then you can use a sharp object to hook them and try to pull them out. If it was not possible to fix, then without specialized help is no longer possible.

    Some door models are equipped with a handle with a latch in the form of a key, which is located on the inside. Here you will need a long flat tool, which is inserted into the hole under the handle and then turned: the latch should return to its place.

    When none of the methods helped, it remains to kick the door. Put a dense cloth (e.g. a towel) on your shoulder, rest your shoulder on the door leaf at the opening, holding the wall with one hand. It is possible to remove the door leaf from the hinges, but modern models are equipped with transoms for protection against burglary. When such cardinal methods do not always work, the hinges will have to be cut with a power tool.

    In any case, when jamming, you should recognize the cause and then take your own attempts to open. Such situations can be avoided in advance if you purchase the goods wooden doors from reliable manufacturers.


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