Mumbai, 25th July 2023: Kushal Agarwal, the driving force behind the renowned Kushal Bharat Group, has successfully carried forward the remarkable legacy established by his father, Naresh Agarwal. Over the past 25 years, the group has achieved tremendous success and made significant contributions to the industrial, educational, and social landscape of Purulia in West Bengal.

    Pioneering Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth:

    In a region negatively charged by Naxalism and scarce job opportunities, Naresh Agarwal took a brave step and inaugurated an industrial unit in the village of Jhalda with a lumpsum amount of 10 lakhs. However, the investment grew to a remarkable Rs 100 crores within five years with his determination and rational wager. It helped him strike a balance between providing job facilities for the locals as well as contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

    With unwavering support from the Union Bank of India and witnessing a growth rate of over 140% in its first decade, the Kushal Bhart Group expanded into cement manufacturing. In 2005, they established Bharat Cement, the largest cement manufacturing unit in Purulia. Today, Bharat Cement generates revenue of over Rs 75 crores and serves prestigious clients such as NHAI and South Eastern Railways, while providing employment to more than 250 local families.

    Empowering Purulia Through Social Infrastructure

    While there were multiple metropolitan cities showcasing profitable alternatives, Kushal Agarwal chose to invest in his hometown of Purulia, adhering to developing social infrastructure and transforming it into a thriving town. The establishment of Purulia’s first mall in 2014 brought social inclusion, and cultural exchange, and spurred the growth of educational institutions, offering over 1500 engineering, medical, and management seats to both inhabitants and individuals from the outside.

    Driven by the vision to provide modern facilities and opportunities, the Kushal Bharat Group has amassed properties worth over Rs 65 crores across West Bengal. With an aim to develop more than 500,000 sqft of residential and commercial space by 2028, the group projects real estate sales exceeding Rs 300 crores. Additionally, they ventured into the hospitality sector, establishing Purulia’s first 4-star hotel in 2016, which has garnered accolades and paved the way for two distinct brands, Pearl Tree Hotels and Kushal Palli Resorts, targeting leisure and corporate travel.

    Sustainable Development and Healthcare Initiatives

    In 2018, Kushal Agarwal joined forces with the Government of West Bengal to develop the Ajodhya Hills of Purulia as a tourist destination, creating employment opportunities and promoting local handicrafts and culture. The flagship brand, Kushal Palli, built a resort employing over 200 locals, offering training in hospitality management. Notably, the resort also houses a free diagnosis clinic, providing medical care to both guests and local tribals.

    Driven by a belief in the power of education for wealth creation and development, Kushal Agarwal’s dream project is to establish a school for over 4000 students in Purulia. Furthermore, the group aspires to diversify its holdings by venturing into NBFC, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare sectors. Committed to social welfare, they have been actively engaged through the Chiranjee Lal Memorial Trust, undertaking various initiatives for the upliftment of the backward and Maoist-affected region.

    Overall Recognition and Vision for the Future

    The journey of Kushal Bharat Group has set a benchmark in the world of business, garnering multiple prestigious awards on the company‚Äôs name, including the “Best Industrial Award” and “Life Time Achievement Award,” presented by esteemed personalities such as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Shri Suresh Prabhu. The group has also been honoured as the “Star Performer in entire PAN India” by Indian Oil for five consecutive years and received the esteemed “Bharat Gaurav Samman” for their outstanding contributions.

    Kushal Agarwal’s unwavering commitment to carrying forward his father’s vision has been instrumental in the successful elevation of the Kushal Bharat Group. With a strong focus on industrial development, education, social welfare, and sustainable initiatives, Kushal Agarwal continues to leave an ineradicable mark on Purulia, transforming it into a prospering region with ample opportunities for its citizens.


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