Rohan Oza is a renowned marketing and brand strategist who has worked with some of the world’s leading consumer brands. He has been credited with helping to transform companies such as Vitaminwater, Popchips and Bai Beverages, and he has worked closely with celebrities such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Ashton Kutcher.

    Early Life

    Rohan Oza was born in London in 1973. He was raised in London and attended the University of Oxford where he earned a degree in economics and philosophy. After graduating from Oxford, he went on to pursue a career in marketing and branding. He started his career at the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, where he worked for a number of years before moving to the United States.

    In the US, Oza worked for a number of different companies, including PepsiCo, where he worked as a brand manager. He was also the vice president of marketing at the beverage company Glaceau, where he helped to develop the popular Vitaminwater brand.

    Professional Career

    Oza went on to become a partner at the venture capital firm CAVU Venture Partners, where he helped to invest in early stage companies. He has also worked as a consultant for a number of companies, including Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and Unilever.

    His most recent venture is the venture capital firm Rohan Oza LLC, which he launched in 2016. The firm invests in consumer brands with the potential for global success. He has also appeared as a judge on the television show Shark Tank, where he has provided valuable insight to aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Personal Life

    Oza is married to his wife, Ruchi, and they have two children. He is a passionate philanthropist and has been involved in a number of charitable causes. He is also an avid traveler and enjoys visiting new places around the world.

    Rohan Oza is a highly successful marketing and brand strategist who has made an impact on some of the world’s top consumer brands. He is an experienced investor and consultant, and he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve success. He is also a dedicated philanthropist and a passionate traveler.


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