Tommy Davidson is an American actor, comedian, and producer best known for his roles on the television series In Living Color and the films Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Strictly Business. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Davidson began performing stand-up comedy at the age of 19. After gaining a following in the comedy clubs of Washington, he moved to Los Angeles in the early 1990s and soon began appearing in film and television roles.

    Early Life

    Tommy Davidson was born in Washington, D.C., on November 10, 1963. His father, David, was a janitor, and his mother, Virginia, was a homemaker. Growing up, Davidson was heavily influenced by his mother, who taught him to love music and art. He attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts and was a member of the school’s drama club. As a teenager, he was often found performing stand-up comedy in Washington’s comedy clubs.

    Career Highlights

    In 1990, Davidson moved to Los Angeles and soon began appearing in film and television roles. He made his film debut in 1991’s Hangin’ with the Homeboys and soon gained recognition for his role as the lovable street hustler Antoine in the urban comedy classic Strictly Business. He later starred in the hit films Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Booty Call.

    In 1992, Davidson was cast as a regular on the Fox sketch comedy series In Living Color, which launched his career as a comedian and actor. During his time on the show, he impersonated a variety of celebrities, including Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson, and Prince. He also created memorable characters such as the clueless talk show host Gordon, the rapping janitor Calhoun Tubbs, and the irrepressible street dancer “Vitameatavegamin”.


    Davidson has continued to work steadily in film and television throughout his career. He has appeared in numerous films, including Juwanna Mann, Black Dynamite, and The Proud Family Movie, and has had roles on the television series MADtv and The Proud Family. He also starred in his own comedy special for Showtime in 1997 and released a comedy album, Illin’ in Philly, in 2000.

    Davidson has also made a name for himself as a producer. He is the executive producer of the comedy series Black Dynamite and the animated series The Boondocks, and was an executive producer on the films Booty Call and Juwanna Mann.

    Tommy Davidson is an accomplished actor, comedian, and producer whose career spans more than two decades. With his unique comedic style and memorable characters, he has left a lasting mark on the entertainment industry. His legacy of humor and laughter will surely live on for years to come.


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