Traditional cookware, such as cast iron frypan, makes a whole lot of difference in the way food cooks and tastes. Consider it a hack for recreating your granny’s recipes – use cast iron cookware just like she did back in the day. 

    Wait! Did we just sense some of you shake your heads and think how cumbersome using cast iron cookware is? 

    Allow us to introduce you to India’s 1st lightweight cast iron frypan – the Stahl Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan! 

    We’ve designed this frypan to weigh up to 50% lighter than traditional cast iron yet be durable enough to last for generations! 

    How did we manage to do that! 

    Well, It took months of careful designing, creating, and recreating the frying pan till it was perfect. We have made  the edges thinner than the base to keep it lightweight without compromising on its performance. This also makes it a breeze to handle the fry pan, so you can flip all your omelettes and toss your stir-fried veggies without feeling like it’s a workout. 

    But we didn’t just want to make a lighter cast iron frypan and end the story. We wanted to ensure you experience the complete joy of cooking every single time you use it. Therefore, we rattled our brains a little more to eradicate other common inconveniences cast iron cookware often raises, like seasoning after every use and maintaining it. 

    The Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan comes with an enamel-based treatment that helps keep rust at bay, so  you don’t need to season it after every single use. It’s because of this treatment that you’ll also end up using less oil while cooking all your favorite recipes. 

    That’s not all though; there are a few more features we want you to know to understand how carefully thought and made this frying pan is. Come, take a look.

    • High Heat Retention: Despite being 50% lighter, our cast iron frypan offers high heat retention & uniform heat distribution to ensure your recipes cook perfectly!
    • Stick-Resistant: The enamel-based treatment makes the frying pan stick resistant too and reduces the chance of food sticking and burning.
    • Stay Cool Handle: We’ve fitted the fry pan with an ergonomically designed stainless steel handle that does not conduct heat. It therefore remains cool to touch and makes handling the pan easier.
    • Induction Friendly: The cast iron frypan can be used on most types of cooktops, including induction tops too. 
    • OTG-Safe: You can bake, grill and microwave in this pan up to 200˚ C. 
    • Easy to Clean: The enamel treatment makes the frying pan easy to clean too. You just need a mild liquid detergent and a soft sponge to clean any grease and you’re good to go. The cast iron pan is dishwasher-safe too!

    While the Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan is super convenient to use and maintain, you’ll need to take another small precaution to ensure it lasts longer. Use wooden or silicon spatulas when stirring foods. This will ensure the frypan lasts longer. 

    These features are why we proudly call the  Stahl Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan “The NextGen Cookware” made for you. By the way, we also have cast iron kadhai in this range, and we can’t wait for you to use it. Wait no more. Reap the benefits of cast iron by switching to the Blacksmith Hybrid Frypan and Kadhai now!


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